4 Ways to Prevent Corporate Burnout

Let’s face it — working in corporate america can be exhausting.

On Monday mornings, your email is probably flooded with long message threads full of questions and problems. The workplace is filled with millennials who are established in their roles, new to a role or in the process of transitioning to an entrepreneur.

Regardless of where you are in your career, stress does not discriminate. These four steps can help reduce stress and improve productivity on the job.

  1. Revamp your role: Are you bored with your job role? If you are in a role and it seems to be redundant and there is little room for growth, create a new process to switch it up. There is always room to do something better and more efficient. Think of ways to make your role feel brand new. Collaborate with teammates to learn how your role impacts other departments. Build rapport within your organization. Schedule a meeting with management to discuss how you would like to expand your knowledge and incorporate new tasks to existing processes. This will help you understand how to identify gaps and improvements, which shows your ability to take initiative (which is a great way to impress your management team).
  2. Time Management: Have you ever felt like you have worked so hard during the day only to feel further behind? I get it, you have too much work and not enough time. The best way to help balance your work load is to manage your time. Make sure you are establishing reasonable deadlines, completing tasks that are due soon and designating certain days for specific tasks. For example, Tuesdays can be the day you clean out your emails or follow up on deliverables for a hot project. When you feel like you don’t have enough time, create a checklist and place the items in order from high to low priority. Start at the top and work your way down. Remember to relax.
  3. Use Your Vacation Time: Plan trips around company holidays and throughout the year. I cannot stress this enough, but you need a vacation. If you can’t plan a trip, relax at home and handle any outstanding items you have on your personal to do list. It has been proven vacations are good for your health. Vacations help reduce stress, improve your heart health and sleep pattern. When you return from your vacation, you will be rejuvenated and recharged.
  4. Take Breaks: It is okay for you to get up from your desk. The work will always be there and breaks are good for your mental clarity. Most jobs allow one to two 15 minute breaks. On your break, you can take a walk, surf the web for quotes to keep you motivated or just relax. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have separated your mind from your work.

The above are small steps to maintain your peace of mind in the workplace. You are in this position because you are being prepared for more. So remember, create the role you desire, plan a trip or two, take your breaks and manage your time.

Written by Nicole Solomon

Nicole Solomon, who writes under the pseudonym Excellence, is a poet, storyteller and wellness advocate. She uses poetry, prose and affirmations as a way to nurture self-care, healing and spiritual development. Stay connected with Nicole by following her on Instagram @writtenbyexcellence.