As a business mogul, there will be several instances that will require decisions and things you will realize you will have to do without. When creating an impact around the world, it is imperative to transform the way you approach your business plans and shape your personal development as a leader.

Here are 4 things that Mogul millennials should understand that they must let go of and will serve as a good purpose to prepare you on what you can expect.


Be willing to let go. I have had to cut people loose like it is nobody’s business. When people fail you, it is not within your best interests or theirs to keep them around, so sometimes I had to make executive decisions that I felt were necessary in order to develop the bigger picture. As a black female screenwriter, sometimes it can be discouraging because in a male-dominated field, people don’t take you seriously. Instead, they try to overlook you and in some cases, call the shots for you.

I had to step up and demand respect. Sometimes that meant letting go of someone, but it is all about how you do it. Telling someone they suck and firing them, is not the best approach. I would advise against doing that and risk ruining your reputation.

And then there is the personal side, uh huh. I promise you will get better at it. Simply because when people do not mean you well, you cannot expect to flourish in other areas of your life. I never would have thought I would have to remove certain individuals from my life. However, I had to realize that they were not benefiting me in terms of my growth. They were disabling me.

I then started to realize my capabilities and focusing on myself and business a lot more. In return, I was able to meet like-minded people, where we were able to share ideas, what motivates us and help each other to get there. I was able to be mentored by people who are already at the success levels that I acquired to be, that took me under their wing!

Had I chose to keep certain people in my life, I may not have reached a point to understand my potential and it would have prolonged the process. This does not mean to just start cutting people off all willy nilly, but start to evaluate the circumstances and ask yourself if they are hindering you from your personal growth? You will be surprised! In many cases, change is inevitable and in others, it is required.


Listen, Linda listen. So what is wrong with this? What is more upsetting, is to draft up a goal for yourself and then realize what went wrong when it does not go as planned. How many times do we set out for something and acquire it the way we envisioned it?

There is nothing wrong with knowing that you are capable of more, but when you constantly set rules and high expectations for yourself, you are unintentionally setting boundaries. Dream big and reach for the stars, but don’t run out of fuel trying to get there. Give yourself time and remember you are human. Set a goal and try not to put pressure on yourself as to how you will get there and how much of it you want to accomplish by a deadline. Do what you need to do and everything else will fall into place. Push yourself to healthy new heights, not off the cliff.


Okay, let us humble ourselves. You do not know it all. You are not relatable if you know it all. Of course, you know your stuff.

However, a true leader is constantly learning and knows that there is always room for growth. We all have to start from somewhere and your perspective is not the only one the world is going to see it as.

I have been able to learn a lot by working with the people that I do in the film industry and I have had to learn this valuable lesson often. There is always something new to learn because someone is always willing to teach you. A lot of the stories that I write almost always turns out slightly different than how it started. I have had to trust other people to include their input in order to perfect my vision. It is always good to at least evolve other people in your concept.


Yes, yes failure IS an option. To be honest, there is no such thing as never failing, we would not be human if we didn’t. Everyone has had an obstacle behind their success story. Trust me, you would rather go through learning experiences to enhance your abilities than to set yourself up and lose everything you possibly have.

A true mogul embraces failure because it prepares you for the future and it can become your biggest advantage! Your best comes by going through challenges and being adaptable to them. A true leader will view each setback as a learning tool and a chance for a comeback.

If you are not able to take a loss, you probably won’t appreciate the win. True winners have been recognized to fall and get back up again just to succeed and push others to do the same. Look at Gabriel Douglas. She shared her story of losing a competition, just to get back up 1 year after to dominate and become a champion. In 2012, she went on to become the first black gymnast to win a gold medal in an individual and team competition in the Olympics at age 17!

Truth is, you are not alone and chances are that 99.9% of other people in this world have gone through similar let downs. What differs is if you get back up to determine how far you can go. At least you will know what not to do and through your stripes, you are helping someone else. It is not all in vain.