Psyche Terry Created The First-Ever Designer G Cup Bra At Walmart. Now She’s Leading a Multi-Million Dollar Empire With Her Family-Owned Business.

If you’re a new entrepreneur that excelled at your previous 9-5, you’re probably wondering why it’s so hard for you to have that same type of boss impact in your business.

I get it.

In your last role, you were the shit!

You led high-performing teams, and helped your company increase their revenue and improve operations.

You were THEE boss at your company, and had people looking up to you because of your success.

However, making the pivot to entrepreneurship for you hasn’t been an easy feat.

One entrepreneur that can attest to this struggle is Psyche Terry.

Terry is currently the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of UI Global Brands, a family-owned company. UI Global Brands is a global manufacturer and nationwide marketer of consumer products. UI Global Brands is mostly known for its skincare brand, Urban Hydration, that’s sold in approximately 9,000 U.S. retail locations, including Macy’s, CVS, HEB, Sally Beauty, and Target.

Prior to launching the Urban Hydration brand, Psyche was known for being a game-changer in the intimate apparel market. As being the creator and designer of the first-ever designer G cup bra for sale at Walmart locations across the U.S., Psyche led Walmart in not just larger sizes but also its first insertion of different shades of brown bras for women of color. 

Before Psyche was making history at Walmart and launching her own empire over at UI Global Brands, she was making strides in corporate America for over a decade for one of the leading manufacturer and marketer of home appliances.

Once she decided that she wanted to take a leap into entrepreneurship, the help of education, personal connections, the backing of her previous career knowledge and experience, and honestly, just being creative, scrappy, and hard-working, helped Psyche build her multi-million dollar enterprise.

In a recent chat on HerAgenda, Pysche gives us intimate details on her journey to entrepreneurship, her experience with making the largest pivot in her business, the lessons she’s learned about building a company culture, and so much more.


Written by Mogul Millennial Staff