The Top 5 Annoying CoWorkers To Stay Away From

Bag Back Bag Back Gimme 50 Feet


They come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.

Some of them are amazing while the others are annoying AF. It doesn’t matter what field you work in, you will definitely encounter some of the most annoying and useless people at work. Although it can be hard at times, try your best to stay away from the people below. They will not only make your time at work draining, but they will also bring zero value to your life.


1. The depressed, overworked, and underpaid

This person is a walking stress bomb. They have been working at your company for years and have managed to increase their salary by a pathetic 1%. They work tirelessly day to day, hoping to get noticed by upper management, but truth is, their work is trash and sometimes you wonder why they don’t understand why they haven’t been promoted. This person will talk your ear off every chance they get to bad mouth the company and complain how overworked they are. Being around this person will do nothing but make you depressed and will make you turn into a trash employee too.


2. The In-Your-Face Health Freak

This person just turned vegan and treats veganism like a new religion. They side-eye you while you snack on your turkey sandwich at lunch or indulge in a kolache on Donut Fridays. They are always preaching about the newest health fad, and judge you because you rather binge watch Game of Thrones than work out.


3. The Snitch

Everyone knows who this person is and if this is you, shame on you. This person reminds you of the teacher’s pet from grade school, and has no mind of their own. They are the manager’s top flight snitch, and will risk everything just to get even the smallest show of approval from the manager. Good luck taking a quick Facebook or IG break. The moment this person sees you doing ANYTHING unrelated to work, they will go to tattle tell. #snitchesgetstiches


4. Mr/Ms “Can We Have A Meeting About This”

You know who this person is. They are the first one in the office and the last one to leave. They ALWAYS raise their hand at the end of a long ass meeting with yet another pointless question, and they are the first to send you an unnecessary meeting request. They are the ones that will read your email and will respond with a question that could’ve been answered if they would’ve just read your friggin email. This person always wants to meet, no matter what.


5. The dumb ass

This person makes Cole from Martin look smart ass hell. This person is the epitome of ‘can’t get right’ and is the person that everybody wishes wasn’t on their team. This person doesn’t understand the difference between your and you’re, and too and to, and often times, their emails are filled with run-on sentences and exclamation marks.

Note: If by chance you fit into any of the categories above, just know we have already sent a prayer up to the man above for you as you are on our sick and shut in list. #PrayersUp