This HBCU grad launched an audiovisual series to celebrate the Black mother and son relationship

One relationship that is not celebrated and positively discussed enough in the media is that of the Black mother and her son.

For some reason, there is a huge misconception behind the Black mother and son relationship – there are tons of articles that often portray it as toxic or strained (don’t believe me, Google “the relationship between a black mother and son” and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

However, despite what the critics try to say, there is so much beauty that can be seen and learned from this relationship. Because of this, it’s critical that we as a community take control of our narrative and the way we are perceived. It’s vital that we tell our own stories because when we do, we empower others to do the same, thus shining light on our culture.

Actor, speaker, author, and entrepreneur Justin Key recently decided to take control of his own narrative, but through the storytelling of his new project.

Justin Key pictured above

Justin’s project, Mama Knows Best is a three-part audiovisual that details the relationship between a southern mom and her son. Mama Knows Best is both hilarious and relatable. At the same time, it unexpectedly brings forth a feeling of inspiration in between chuckles while listening to Justin and his mom talk about life, acting uppity, and everything else in between. 

In the audiovisual, you’ll also hear Justin and his mama (played by Debra Wilson) discuss Justin’s reality as an entrepreneur and actor as he tackles the complexities of living in LA. From talking about the differences in the food and culture (Justin is a Tennessee native), to the journey of being successful, Justin’s conversations with his mom will keep you laughing and will probably remind you of your own Millennial experience.

To download the audiovisual series and get your life, click here.

Written by Mogul Millennial Staff