Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy world to tackle.

It takes time, dedication, an extraordinary amount of patience and passion. But entrepreneurship is on the rise. Every day, people are making it happen, including millennials. So many are turning their ideas into thriving businesses, living their best entrepreneur lives.

Imagine being a 16-year-old young woman with dreams, putting in the work and KNOWING that one day you’ll be doing what you love. Insert Jayda Cheaves, who manifested her dreams in the form of her brand, Amour Jayda LLC. From the dream of a 16-year-old to a self-made millionaire best-selling author, entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, and celebrity influencer, Jayda is living the life she created through her sacrifice, commitment, and diligence.

Now, she’s taking everything she has learned, the challenges she faced and the wins she achieved and helping other women do the same thing. She is celebrating women in entrepreneurship by being a driving force in the industry while giving them the tools to be a success in their own right.

Tell me about yourself and your business.

I grew up in Savannah, and I was able to start my first business as a teenager on Poshmark. I went on to sell t-shirts, hair, and other beauty accessories, etc. I never went to college. I do wish that I would have had that experience, but I’ve been blessed with so many other opportunities that have given me the platform I have now. I think I have been in the same business since people first heard of me. Social media is my business, and I use that to elevate all my brands.

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I don’t even think I realized I was an entrepreneur until things had already taken off. Before I was just doing what was fun and natural for me to do, and I guess people call it entrepreneurship.

What was your inspiration behind your business? What inspired your mission of empowering women and educating them on entrepreneurship?

My mission comes from me relating to my fans. I know the place that their in, and how bad they want people to buy their stuff and know that they sell good products. I remember being in that place, so I get my inspiration from just wanting to help them in any way that I can. I love the love that they show me.

What do you consider to be your best leadership characteristics? What additional leadership characteristics should professionals and entrepreneurs have to be successful?

I definitely walk to the beat of my own drum. A leader can’t be afraid to stand out and try new things. You can’t give in to negativity, because there will be plenty of it, and you have to be consistent.

What branding skills should all successful professionals and entrepreneurs obtain?

Consistency matters. Always know what your fans want, too!

As a mother and entrepreneur, how do you juggle the day to day operations of your business and your family?

I think because I am a first-time mom, I try to put that first. I want to really get this ‘mommy’ thing down before I launch any other business. But I can definitely see how the whole balancing act can be so challenging. I have so many friends and family that help out, and I truly know that it takes a village.

As a self-made millionaire, what advice would you give other women entering the beauty industry?

Get yourself known. Step in front of the camera, and don’t be afraid to collaborate.

Why is mentorship amongst women in business so important? What tips would you give a woman seeking a mentor or a woman interested in becoming a mentor?

I feel like women always do this ‘hate’ thing, and for so many years, it hasn’t gotten us anywhere so it’s time for us to really do something different and just stick together.

What is the biggest barrier for women, especially black women, in business and entrepreneurship?

Black women have to do everything bigger and better, just to get half of the recognition. I think that’s the biggest problem. We really have to fight for our piece of the pie.

What’s next for Amour Jayda, LLC?

Everything! I really want to just take over the industry and create a one-stop-shop for Amour Jayda LLC. I definitely am interested in a couple of other industries and I’m working it all out. People definitely have things to look forward to from me.

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