I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely been so obsessed with work that I didn’t go outside for (cough) a while. At a point, I wasn’t meeting up with friends and I was watching my love life crash, sizzle, and slow burn.

Let’s make sure that isn’t you…k?

Building a business is like managing a baby or watching a plant grow. It’s important to not give into the hype to make it take off like a rocket ship immediately. Keep in mind, there isn’t such thing as an overnight success. Neither will grow overnight. They take time and care and patience to reach their highest potentials. Working on a business that lasts is the same way. You need to find pleasure in watering it and giving it love and TLC every day vs expecting it to take off immediately.

Instead, keep your eyes on the long term prize and take the steps below to heart so that you (and your business) can be around for a long time!

First, let’s get this out of the way.

The money will not make you happy.

The money will amplify your life, give you the freedom and the power to do EPIC EPIC things but sitting in a $3,000 one bedroom apartment in the best neighborhood in San Francisco or NYC alone and overworked isn’t happiness. It’s a recipe for burnout and low key depression.

Here are some steps to make sure you don’t fall victim to this, and if you have already then get up go outside and read the rest of this in the sunshine with a chai latte because chai lattes are amazing.

It’s a Plant Not a Pizza

As much as we’ve seen entrepreneurs gain success really quickly (I actually don’t believe this but that’s another article), we all know for most, you need some baking time. Working all day and night may come easily in the beginning, but prioritize your ‘me’ time too.

Try to stop working around 6 pm and have an hour or so to just relax. If you end up working again at 9 pm – hey I get it, but at least make sure you take a few hours to relax and give your mind a break.

A successful business isn’t for those who work hard, fast and burn out. It’s for slow and steady consistent workers. Try not to burn yourself out too easily in the beginning because you have your eye set on a fast success. Look at the long term. Where do you want this business to go in 5 years vs. 6 months?

Life is Happening Too

Try not to make too many sacrifices while you’re in the start-up phase. Yes, you can decline a few baby showers and weddings here and there to save on cost, but try to attend a few so you are still present in life. Your business is your business. It is NOT your life. And it is NOT you.

Stay with one foot in the world while keeping the rest of your body focused on your business.

Be a CEO of Your Life Not Just Your Business

Keep a journal or hang up a spreadsheet of the other areas of your life and set goals around them. Try to visit this document at least once a month to see how you’re doing.

Other areas of your life should include your:

  • Fitness
  • Family life
  • Friendships
  • Romantic relationships
  • Volunteer work
  • Fun/play
  • Spirituality

Prioritize these areas because you are a whole person. Don’t become flabby and depressed while having a successful- ‘appearing’ business. I know it sounds super glamorous but it’s not. Prioritize all parts of your life so you can continue to be of a healthy mind while you keep building your business.

Talk to People

Entrepreneurs are tricky folks. Sometimes if we spend too much time alone we start to feel suspicious towards people. We don’t trust anyone else’s opinion but our own or our mentors and although we want to ask them 1,000,000 questions we don’t because we don’t want to overwhelm them.

This is why you should keep your friends (the ones that are growing with you) and/or make new ones.

Go out at least three times a month. Don’t cancel your gym plans to save money. Keep them so you continue to have contact with the outside world.

Ask for advice. If you’re finding that you keep thinking negatively towards the work you’re putting out, reach out to people close to you and get their thoughts. Even if you suddenly don’t trust them. Do it anyway. And by the way – they are totally trustworthy. It’s just that when you isolate yourself you begin to see things that aren’t there.

Get outside love.

Spend Money

Yes, I said it.

An abundant business comes from having an abundant mindset. Scrimping on healthy food or activities that keep you among other people is just a surefire way of causing you to become depressed.

Take a hard look at your budget, projections sheet and build in a budget for healthy food, fitness and community building activities. If you really really can’t spend on fitness and pleasure then use free apps like Meetup or sign up for government assistance so they can help you purchase healthy groceries. Drop your pride. Your business should not suffer because of it.

Lastly, realize that new business owners 90% of the time fall into a negative space in the beginning.

You are risking so much. You don’t really know what you’re doing and it’s just easy to feel anxious. Once you get over this hurdle you’ll be chugging along just fine. On top of that, your business will become a blessing to others and once you start getting clients you’ll feel even more fulfilled. Take these points seriously so you can make it in the long run. Your business and the world needs you!

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