There is a trend or movement, if you will, of dope millennials creating their own lanes and dominating multiple industries simultaneously. This is nothing new for Daniel P. Calderon, brand strategist and film producer. He gets honest and real about how he got to where he is and what it takes to continue progressing forward. Reading how he thrives in his own space and at his own pace will undoubtedly inspire and motivate the next generation of those looking to use the blueprint he created. You will learn from stories like Daniel’s that there is no one set formula for success and there is a huge probability that you may have to create your own. It’s becoming more and more common as entrepreneurship steadily rises to the mainstream. Read carefully as Calderon talks about what is required. Often in this social media ran age, only the filtered responses are told. Not everyone gets a small loan of $1 million from their dad to build an empire. Here from those are that are authentically self-made.

Name: Daniel P. Calderon

Title: Brand Strategist + Film Producer

Company: DanielCalderon.Me

Job Duties: Full scope brand strategy, experiential marketing, digital marketing and production management.

How did you become a Brand Strategist and Film Producer? A couple of years ago, I co-founded a company named Four Thirty. We didn’t have funding to put towards marketing, so I started posting cool photos and marketing brands that I loved to wear and products I loved to use. etc. on Instagram. This allowed to me to build a targeted following and directly interface with brand leaders in various industries. My consultancy practice has greatly evolved since then and I was blessed to help create a film and now head partnerships for The Tenth Magazine.

What is a day like in your life? Ha ha there is never a dull day. I live by my calendar and I tend to pack my calendar with a ton of intentional activities that move me and friends forward. I believe time is my greatest asset and I intend to use every bit of it meaningfully.

How did you prepare for these careers? I was just talking to my mentee about this. Every experience I’ve lived through has prepared for every step of my journey. For example, during my time working as a human resource business partner and executive, I learned how to develop leaders and the highest levels of accountability for achieving stellar results. Some people complain about their corporate careers, but I believe learning and growing within a machine gets one prepared to understand the scope of complex businesses, how to close deals, and speak eloquently in a cut throat environment.

Two challenges you face while doing what you love? The sexy part of entrepreneurship is that I own everything, and the unsexy part of entrepreneurship is that I own everything. I am not only in-charge of my wellbeing, but also of my teams’. Checks don’t appear out of thin air and my actions directly impact livelihoods.

Two successes that you’re extremely proud of? Firstly, I am proud of successfully producing a film, unapologetic me: Black | Gay | Man with the love of my life. I am also proud of how much I have matured as an entrepreneur, friend and lover. Both negative and positive experiences of my past have rigorously trained me. I am prepared for the many blessings and challenges that will come my way.

Two career goals you’d like to achieve before the end of 2019? My goal is to release a new film project and launch a campaign I am excited about. I will speak more openly about my upcoming initiatives in the coming months.

Advice you’d give to mentees wanting to follow in your footsteps? Vigilantly pursue and achieve your wildest dreams.

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