Inspired by her love of color and natural ability to create art, Roc Castillo started experimenting with makeup at an early age. She would practice her craft and perfect her makeup skills on family, friends, and classmates in high school, hoping to one day become a notable makeup artist and an entrepreneur in this space. After high school, her love for makeup greatly increased so she moved to New York city for college and worked in fashion week with major fashion brands. It was while working in fashion week that she was exposed to a new level of makeup artistry and her network grew. She learned different styles of makeup that helped her increase her clientele and helped her become a notable freelance artist, traveling both nationally and internationally.

It’s been over 7 years now and Roc has worked in the beauty industry for various makeup companies and as a freelancer. While diving into the makeup industry is popular, Roc can attest that it is not for the faint or for those who lack true hustle. Here Roc shares her professional insight on what it’s like to be a makeup artist (MUA).


1.Being intentional and geniune matters

Throughout my career, I have learned that it is important to be outgoing and intentional on building relationships – especially in this industry. On the same note, no matter what, always stay true to yourself and who you are deep inside. Doing so will attract the right people who are meant to connect with you on your path

2.You will get tired, but you have to always give more than 100% even when it hurts

There will be long days, but you have to keep pushing. You need to remember to never be lazy and to always take that extra client even if your feet hurts after working 12 hours. The life of a MUA isn’t easy in the beginning so those extra clients can help you boost your brand and bank account.

3.Don’t play yourself and think you don’t need social media as a MUA

Since the beauty industry is such a visual industry, using social media platforms like Instagram is key. Even more so, being consistent is even more important. You have to get used to posting regularly so that you can keep the attention of your followers and to turn them into engaged users (and soon to be customers). Also, showing variety in your social media posts is vital so that you can appeal to different people with diverse needs. I like to develop different looks each week to show people my different artistry skills and so that I can attract a larger consumer base.

Lastly in regards to social media, when you are posting, don’t forget to use hashtags and tag those makeup companies to your social media page. You never know who is watching or who can find you from something so simple as a hashtag.

4.Learning how to do makeup is cute, but educating yourself on how to build your business is cuter

In the beginning, learning about the business side of being a MUA wasn’t easy because I am a creator and I didn’t know much about taxes and how to make my business legit. Before you become a MUA, I recommend to do heavy research on building a business as a MUA and freelancer. I also recommend finding a good mentor to help you with improving your business. Also, knowledge is power so despite how successful you are, don’t be complacent. Always make it a priority to learn new things, and new techniques so that you can expand your business and brand.

5.After you make money, put some back in your business

Because this industry can be unpredictable, I recommend putting away some money after each day of work to save money and buy products. Also, use some of that money to pay bills early just in case business isn’t booming as you wish.


6.There are thousands of ways to educate yourself and perfect your craft

Education is a big deal for the makeup industry as it is always evolving. There are always new trends and different ways to enhance someone’s makeup. You can learn more by reading different magazines to see current trends of makeup styles, and increase your product knowledge by taking classes. Also, social media is key because you can see all types of talent from around the world by using hashtags or following influencers in the industry.

7.It aint always about the Benjamins

When you start out, I recommend charging little to nothing so that you can form relationships and build clients. It is also a great idea to look at what other makeup artists in your city are charging so you can determine your price.

Although making a profit is key, it shouldn’t be all about just making money. It should be about the artistry as well as the experience you create for the client. By staying true to that, the clients and the coins will follow.

Are you a MUA artist? What kind of professional insight can you share? Drop us a note below and let us know.