Turn up Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday, and Sunday Funday.

We all love a good turn up, but have you ever wondered how these lituations and events are created, AND how they make money?

In this chat on Mogul Millennial, we interviewed Kameron McCullough of D'USSE Palooza. If you've been under a rock and never heard of D'USSE Palooza, it is literally one of the littiest events of our generation.

D'USSE Palooza, originally launched as Henny Palooza with Kameron and friends in a basement, went on to eventually become D'USEE Palooza, and eventually partnered with Jay-Z's D’USSE and Roc Nation brands, expanding to over a dozen cities, and even hosting their event in the Barclays Center.⁠ 💪🏾

Learn how Kameron and his team did it, and also his tips for entrepreneurs on launching and scaling a company in the event's space.

(start video at the 12-minute mark to get straight to the conversation!)