After what seems like a forever break, Insecure is BACK, and the culture is ready to dive back into the lives of our favorite Black millennials.

Season 4, Episode 1, picks up with Condola and Issa developing this beautiful black girl magic working relationship. Despite Condola dating Lawrence, Issa looks past it and understands how Condola can help the block party come to fruition.

Creating a business or event from scratch requires dedication, hard work, and, most importantly, self-confidence. No one can adequately sell a business or idea without confidence in themselves.

Here is what we learned from the block party mixer.

What makes you special?

When Issa and Condola met in her office, she was excited to share her research on persuasive tactics. In true Issa fashion, it got extremely awkward, but hey, isn’t that why we love her.

What Condolla followed up with next was golden. “All you need to know is what makes you special and why people should trust you.”

Questions to ask yourself:

What makes you unique?

What is your differentiator?

Why should someone trust you with their investment, idea, business, etc.?

Answer these questions before you enlist support. We live in a saturated business world, and there is a product for any and everything. But how will YOU show up differently?

Take some time and brainstorm. Write down your answers. That way, when the opportunity arises, you will be ready.

Have your why together

Why do you want to create, start, expand, etc.?

Why is there a need for your product/service?

Why is this something you are passionate about?

At the mixer, Tiffany brought Sheryl with hopes of her investing in Issa’s block party. Instead of Issa approaching a potential investor and killing her opening statement, she fumbles over her words. She couldn’t get out of her head to pull in a prospective sponsor.

Most of us have felt this way before. You get what seems like the chance of a lifetime, and you fumble. Understanding your why and sticking to it no matter what is always the best recipe for success.

When in doubt, phone a friend

No one can do it all. Even the most successful people will always have a team surrounding them. So lean on your friends. Don’t feel like everything has to be a solo mission.

Condola swooped in and saved Issa before she made a bigger mess of her introduction to Sheryl. And that's what she needed at that moment, saving.

If someone saves you when you are in a jam, never think that takes away from your shine or your handwork. Condola saw that Issa was about to lose a sponsor, and she quietly stepped in to redirect Sheryl’s attention elsewhere while Issa worked on gathering herself.

Having people in your corner that can recognize when you need a moment to get it together is so important. It could be the one thing that helps you recover from a ‘what did I just say’ scenario.

Not to mention, Issa put all her friends to work. Kelli, the bartender. Ahmal, her brother, the DJ. Tiffany brought Sheryl. Molly helped clean up. And Issa even used TSA Bae, Gabe, to serve as the party’s official hype man.

It's OK to go off-script

Issa had no idea how her mixer was going to turn out. Of course she had a plan, but how often do plans go accordingly?  

When Issa began pitching her passion project to prospects, she learned everyone wanted something different.

Her upstairs neighbor, Trina, decided to request Khia’s infamous song, My Neck My Back, which got the crowd's attention, maybe not in the right way, but all eyes were front and center after that memorable moment.

Where are the unplanned signs in your life, career, business, or hustle? The signs where all the eyes are forward. Usually, they don't appear when we want them, but it is always on time. Going off-script can be the kick you need to move forward.  

Season 4 of Insecure just started, and episode 1 has already dropped several career gems into our homes. But above all else, never let your confidence slip. Always put your best foot forward. And if you need a little boost, walk over to your mirror and talk that Issa talk, if you don’t, who else will.