75% of products marketed to black women are highly hazardous to human health, according to the Environment Working Group (EWG).

This statistic was no surprise to Alee-Sha Steward, founder of GRWN Skincare, who is working to create quality and affordable skincare options for black women.

But first, prior to launching her own beauty company, Steward graduated from the University of Michigan and afterward, began her career at Time Inc., working in the Integrated Marketing division for Essence Magazine.

Alee-Sha Steward, founder of GRWN Skincare

Shortly after, she worked with one of the top communication organizations, ColorComm, and managed the event marketing initiatives for Uncubed.

Since leaving Uncubed, Steward has spent her time working as a Freelance Project Manager while she’s building the “black girl magic of skincare.”

Photo credit: grwnskincare

During a time when big corporations are heavily targeting black women’s pockets, these companies “are buying their way into saying their products are safe,” according to Steward. “For them, it’s just about the dollar.”

Steward faced a personal skincare journey that many black women can relate to. She has a combination of dry and oily skin. She has always struggled to find quality products that worked. And those that did work were too expensive to maintain in her personal budget.

During a trip to South Africa, Steward discovered the perfect beauty line for her melanated skin. Unfortunately, it retailed at $93 here in the U.S. Out of pure frustration, Alee-Sha split from the product she adored and decided to create her own line of affordable, quality products.

Thus, GRWN Skincare was born.

In April 2019, she has been formulating and building the skincare line to roll out in 2020.

GRWN Skincare provides a better option for women of color by making skincare simple and clean, the way it should be. In the expensive world of quality skincare, “I want us to all have access to rich b**** skin.” said Steward.

Steward has created a space for black women to indulge in themselves leaving little room for modesty. “If [Megan Thee Stallion] was a skincare brand, she would be us.” as seen on the company’s instagram page.

We Stan.

In true #blackgirlmagic fashion, GRWN Skincare also puts the community at the center of its business.

In September 2019, GRWN launched the No Makeup Melanin project (@nomakeupmelanin) to encourage women to love their melanin-rich skin. During this campaign, proceeds from merchandise will go to Beauty 2 the Streetz, an organization that provides beauty/ personal care services to the homeless.

“We wanted to create a platform for women to feel sexy and cool, but to also give back.” said Steward.

GRWN Skincare will launch its skincare line in 2020. In the meantime, enjoy the cultural experience and grab some merch on their website www.grwnskincare.com.

feature photo credit: https://www.essence.com/hair/hair-street-style-against-all-odds-book-release-celebration/