Antonia Richardson started as a hairstylist, cosmetology instructor, and mother of two who knew there was more to life. Two years after leaving her job, she’s now a podcast host and founder of the Mommy Matters app. What’s her secret?

         “I started moving intentionally. I started freelancing my work, taking courses, and signing up for self-development trainings. Picking up a book instead of watching tv. Honestly it was more of self,” Antonia explained. 

         Her intention and focus on self also created spaces for moms and mompreneurs to connect authentically and get things done. She has what every mom needs. 

Every mom needs a tribe and space to wine down.

         If you’ve ever felt frustrated, alone, or overwhelmed as a mother, check out Antonia’s Wine Down podcast. It’s a WHOLE VIBE.

         “We’re chillin, vibin’, having good conversations, laughing, crying, dropping gems, all that. It started when I invited my girlfriends over to talk about motherhood, life, and things people don’t talk about. It grew into something where I was able to talk with moms worldwide about self-care, how to move intentionally, how to be more intuitive with our own bodies, or doctors talking about vaccines for our kids. It’s a big show where moms can come together without being judged.”

         Sometimes knowing you aren’t alone is all the encouragement needed to move forward.

Every mom needs self-compassion. 

         We’ve all in a space where we only see our flaws. Our self-talk is negative, and usually this precipitates a downward spiral. This is Antonia’s biggest obstacle.

 “It can be tough. When you’re working for yourself it’s on you, so you’re not taking the moments to stop and celebrate the small wins or how far you’ve come.”

Every person has something to celebrate whether it’s making it through the morning without breaking down or having a quiet cup of coffee before the house wakes up. 

“Take time to list out things you’re grateful for like the people you have and the things you are doing. Having a list helps so much. Your whole mindset changes and you get refocused and recharged to keep going.”

Every mom needs self-care and support.

“When I was working at my full-time job and freelancing, I literally didn’t take time for myself. It was work, kids, work, kids, and I completely forgot that I mattered. One day I said, ‘I have dreams and I need to take care of myself. I matter, Mommy Matters.’” This realization birthed Antonia’s Mommy Matters app.

         “It started off as an Instagram page, but became an app about a year ago. I want to deliver so much. There’s a social wall to talk and connect, a directory for moms in business, a place for childcare swapping, and a blog with quick reads about breastfeeding or post-partum.”

Moms needs help too. It’s necessary to reach out, share best practices, and take time for self. Above all else, a mom’s health, wellness, and mind matter too. 

Every mom needs a routine.

         Juggling two businesses, motherhood, and freelancing can easily be overwhelming for anyone. Antonia isn’t immune to this burden, but she finds balance through priorities and routines.  

“Is there really a such thing as balance? One thing will always outweigh the other. I prioritize. I let my work schedule dictate where I can and cannot be or what I can or can’t do. I calendar a lot of things and having a show producer helps.” 

         For momprenuers knowing when to bring in help is critical to building your business. A routine is equally necessary. 

         “Having a routine helps. Going to the gym or staring my morning off with prayer and devotion. I noticed when I didn’t have a routine, I didn’t feel good. I let my thoughts get to me as far as being hard on myself. Going to the gym helps mentally.” 

         Of course, every person has to find the schedule and practices that work best for them, but if you need a place to start, definitely connect with Antonia on Instagram and plug into her resources.