It’s safe to say that with our “always on” generation, looking good is a must. You never know when you’ll go viral or be spotted on someone’s Insta story. Luckily, there are businesses like TYMELESS Styles to keep us looking and feeling our best with the latest trends.

Meet Ty Smith, founder of Tymeless Styles.

Ty realized early on that he enjoyed dressing himself and taking fashion to new heights. Attending a boot camp by fashion extraordinaire, J. Bolin inspired Ty to fully pursue his dream of being in the fashion industry. Thus, Tymeless Styles was born.

Read on to learn more about the accomplishments, and setbacks that came with Ty and his journey in entrepreneurship.

What is the biggest accomplishment you’ve had with your business?

I value wisdom and have a servant’s heart, so my most significant accomplishment would be landing an internship with the J. Boling Style Agency. This opportunity has given tremendous value and perspective to me as a young entrepreneur. Each one of the team members there has challenged me, coached me, accepted me, and uplifted me in their own unique way. It is way more than a group of fashionably literate business owners; we are truly a family!

Have you worked with any big names?

J. Bolin, Lisa Nichols, Todd Dulaney, and Pastor Keion Henderson are a few people that I was blessed to work with.

What problems do you face as a black entrepreneur and how do you overcome them?

I believe excuses and limited thinking are more restricting than a lack of financial resources. I overcome through a daily renewing of my mind. My priorities are God first, then myself, and then my circle. Spending time with God, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and consuming content that empowers, gives wisdom, and educates me in relevant subjects. Lastly, having and following a schedule allows me to be efficient and excel in my field of work.

What business advice could you give for those coming behind you?

I would tell them to find someone who has went in a similar direction and done it successfully.  Try to be of service to that company or individual. Believe in yourself, seek out wisdom, prepare, and then jump! Always invest in yourself, and don’t look back!

For more information about Ty or to book his services, you can head over to and receive a one-on-one style consultation. Be sure to follow Ty on social media at the handles below to stay updated on all his mogul moves!

Instagram: @MrTySmith1

Facebook: @TYMELESSStyles