What does Steph Curry, Serena Williams, and Usain Bolt all have in common?

Besides being world-class athletes, they all have coaches. Investing in coaching is something any Mogul Millennial should consider doing as well.

I’ve been blessed to work with a coach before and she was helpful in shifting my mindset around goal-setting. While I’m exploring working with a coach again this year, I’m grateful to the coaches that I follow online for their generous exchanges of knowledge.

I do not think that following free content is the same as making a paid investment in coaching, which I truly believe is worth the money. However, if you are interested in working with a coach but want to get a glimpse of what the work is like, check out these ladies.

Maya Elious, @mayaelious

photo credit: Jessica Vickers; https://www.businessinsider.com/consultant-personal-branding-maya-elious-myspace-college-side-hustle

Maya is incredibly honest about what it really takes to build a profitable personal brand. I downloaded her workbook on clarifying your big messages and used it to narrow down my speaking topics to pitch podcasts and events. I’ve already booked a few and gotten positive feedback.

Work with Maya if you want to make an impact with your personal brand.

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Rachel Rodgers, @rachrodgersesq

photo credit: https://twitter.com/rachrodgersesq

Rachel’s big message is all about helping people grow their businesses to seven figures in revenue. She says that in order to do that, you have to make seven mental shifts. The most impactful for me was the idea of clarifying your market. As an Event Producer, it was not easy to decide on a niche but scaling to seven figures requires focus and Rachel helped me see that. I’ve since focused GWTLP on serving women leaders in Marketing and Business.

Work with Rachel if it’s time to scale your company’s revenue.

Francesca Hogi, @dearfranny

photo credit: https://www.francescahogi.com/

Now, because I’m all about balance, I am including Franny, a love and life coach. Franny is sharp and insightful about all the messy parts of love and life. She encourages all of us to examine our patterns and step out of our comfort zones when it comes to dating. I’m going to put that into practice this year and I even downloaded a dating app (that I’m still not ready to use).

Work with Franny if you’re ready to bring more love into your life.

Felecia Hatcher, @feleciahatcher

photo credit: https://www.feleciahatcher.com/about-1

I’ve produced events for Felecia’s companies for 3 years and she’s helped me in numerous ways but one of my favorites is the way she uses her platform. I can always count on Felecia’s content to give me the boost I need to keep moving on my entrepreneurial journey. Her FOCUSED Strategic Action Planner is also a must-have for plotting out big projects and prioritizing action as a founder.

Work with Felecia if you’re ready to do epic sh*t.

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Ariel Lopez, @ariellopez_xo

photo credit: https://www.revolt.tv/2018/3/30/20822060/meet-ariel-lopez-the-tech-industry-s-agent-of-change

For those of you who have no interest in entrepreneurship (understandably, chile) – Ariel is the coach for you. I’ve personally witnessed her change people’s lives both online & IRL through her company Knac and coaching series #AskCoachA. She helps people get confident in their skills and find the dream company to utilize them at.

Work with Ariel if you want that promotion or career change this year.

*feature photo credit: The Milli Blog

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