With time flying by so quickly, you really should be rationing out your energy. Unfortunately, that can mean saying no to certain partnerships.

Here are 5 legit reasons to back away from the table and work solo this season.

They’ve burned you several times.  

You have to do a self-evaluation and ask yourself why people keep playing with you. Chances are, you keep letting them. Needless to say, enough is enough and any thought of collaborating with people who keep dropping the ball or prove themselves untrustworthy means you need to see a psychologist.

I bet there’s someone reading this and saying, “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

This is why we say reading is fundamental, Beloved. The subheading says you’ve been burned by this arsonist several times. You should forgive, but don’t get amnesia.

Back then, they didn’t want you. Now you’re hot… 

In case you’re unsouthern that was a Mike Jones reference, but back to the lecture at hand. If you have attempted to collab with someone, and they left your dm’s on read, and ignored your emails, don’t be so quick to entertain their request to work together during this time.

It’s like when you get that “Hey big head” text.  Johnny Come Lately saw your glow up from selling waist trainers to owning a gym, and now he’s just so hyped about hosting a meal prep class at your place. Chile please! Even if the partnership can be beneficial to you at some point, make them sweat before you say yes.

P.S. Everyone one has the right to work with whomever they choose to. Just because someone inquires about future endeavors doesn’t mean you have to participate. Nonetheless, you do need to act as if someone raised you properly and respond to that inquiry, regardless of your decision to work with him or her.

I don’t do this on a first date…

Would you co-sign for a stranger to get a new car, even if you live in the same apartment building? Well, no one is thrilled about doing business with people they haven’t built a rapport with. If I collaborate with anyone, I want to make sure the person is walking the walk that matches their talk. Social media can create a great illusion and I’d rather get to know your level of expertise and integrity before I make a fool of my brand. PERIOD.

Booked and busy? Try stuck and stagnant.

The poster you purchased to create your vision board is somewhere just collecting dust.  So with that being said, it’s not wise to partner up with anyone on anything!

If your website is outdated with old information, write some new copy or hire a professional like myself. Need to renew your certifications? What about remodeling your customer waiting area?  Collaborating with entrepreneurs who are thriving while your business life is in shambles doesn’t camouflage the fact that your business life is in shambles.

Rearrange your schedule and make the time to be successful. That may require you to skip a few social gatherings, but it will be worth it.

Originally published on https://cococurator.com/collaboration/