After I graduated, I launched my business full-time and even though I don’t regret my decision, I also don’t think that entrepreneurship is the only way to go. I’m not advocating for you to drop out of school or just quit your job to start your business. Speaking with Troy showed the balance of working full-time while also building a business he is passionate about.

Troy started Grits and Gospel with his best friend Sam as a platform to share evergreen content that was more than just talking about people and things but thought provoking ideas and opinions.

When talking to Troy, we realized that so many times when people are in job, they are miserable and literally counting down the hours to leave everyday without really taking stock of what does this moment actually have to teach me. What are the skills in corporate America that can be transferable as you start your business.You’re never in a space where there is nothing for you to learn.

So if you can relate, I challenge you, to look at your job with a new perspective, what are the transferable skills that I can apply today in growing my business. Use it for what it’s for and in the meantime, work for your 5-9 to put you out of your 9-5.