Navigating the startup landscape is undeniably challenging, and as the founder of Mogul Millennial, I can personally attest to the unique hurdles that Black founders often face in comparison to our counterparts.

In entrepreneurship, Black founders often struggle due to a scarcity of content, resources, and capital. Shameless plug, we help Black founders discover ways to fund their startup here.

Having experienced firsthand the challenge of finding relatable and educational startup content, we conduct interviews with incredible entrepreneurs, startup leaders, and investors. Our goal is to ensure that our community is armed with the knowledge they need.

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What we want:

  • Interviews that share your story while providing actionable, educational takeaways. We want to talk about your entrepreneurship journey, and what you're an expert in. While there's an abundance of feature articles online about "what" startups are doing, there's a noticeable gap in content addressing "how" startups are building and growing - especially content that speaks about Black founders.
  • Interviews with Black founders willing to share genuine, no BS advice. Keep it real with us. Mogul Millennial is a safe space for Black founders.
  • Honest discussions on how you grew your business. We love interviewing founders who share real-life examples of launching and growing their ventures, while addressing common startup challenges. Our platform is where Black founders can learn about acquiring customers, creating KPIs, pitching investors, marketing, and more.
  • Interviews with Black-led startups open to sharing their pitch decks. As we all know, Black founders receive significantly less venture capital than our counterparts (and fundraising can be a mother******). To facilitate learning within our community, we publish feature articles incorporating pitch decks, allowing readers to gain insights from successful founders. If you choose this type of interview, we'd love for you to share pitching advice, lessons from your own pitching experiences, and tips on creating a pitch deck by referencing one of your own. Rest assured, sensitive or private information will be redacted, and the pitch deck portion will be visible only to our subscribers.

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