We are living in the time and land of side hustles. If people side hustled harder in the past, they didn’t have social media to document it like we do. We are out here hustling everyday just like Rick Ross told us to do. For those of you who do not have a side hustle and have asked yourself whether you should, here are three big reasons you should get a side hustle!

1- It keeps you hungry.

Burnout and complacency are the enemies of a good life. The last thing you want is to look back on the last five or ten years of your life and wonder what if or find dissatisfaction with what you have accomplished. That is why you need a side hustle. Side hustles do not just provide another stream of income. They teach you how to grind and tap into your capacity to work for what you want! They keep you hungry.

2- It is likely a better use of your time.

So many people I talk to always ask me one question: “How?” How do I work full-time, play a role in building an app company, write for The Mogul Millennial and spend time with my family? My answer is always the same. I trimmed the fat of my day. There are so many things you and I do during our day that we could exchange for our side hustle! Do you binge watch Netflix? Do you play video games? Do you spend hours scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? No nothing is wrong with those things, but you can exchange one or all of them to pursue something you love and turn it into your new side hustle.

3- It could ignite your passion

In my pursuit of side hustling, I found a new passion. I once heard on a podcast that sports trading cards are coming back. Now as a kid, I sold sneakers, candy and burned CDs out of my backpack and locker. So the thought of trading sports cards as a hustle today brought me right back to my high school hustling days! So I started! I bought a silver panini Luka Doncic rookie card for $17! Whether you know what a silver panini card is or who whether you know who Luka Doncic is you do know what a return on investment is right? I just sold that card for $165!

Yes, I made money from that transaction but more than money, I have found a new exciting hobby and passion for sports cards! It is my new hustle! You never know what passions may ignite when you pursue a new side hustle.

If you don’t have one, get you a side hustle! Let me know how it goes!