Your next career step or business idea can get confusing. 

For me, it took me a full year to commit to what I was meant and QUALIFIED to do. (Btw sometimes your expertise and desires are a bit different, however, that’s an article for another day.)

I went back and forth and BACK AND FORTH on several ideas that looking back were actually all the same….

Can you relate?

If you find yourself unable to commit to a business idea or career change then….give yourself grace as you sort it out. 

Your big dream – business idea, goal, will likely not come from you. I’ll say that again – YOUR BIG DREAM – BUSINESS IDEA, GOAL, WILL LIKELY NOT COME FROM YOU

All of your planning and strategizing will help, but what’ll likely happen is you’ll just fall into it. I know that’s the opposite of what you want to read, but it’s true.

How will you know that it’s right then? Well. It’ll feel right. It’ll be the perfect mix of your obsession /desire and your expertise…

In my case – I started out trying to build a coaching practice focused on teaching women self-love because I was obsessed with 1. Learning it for myself and 2. Helping others get there….

However, there were (and still are) a lot more QUALIFIED/DEGREED people to talk about this than me, and after a chance conversation with my sister I realized I can take my desire for helping others and my expertise (Recruitment/Hiring) and empower people to make more money.

See what I did there?

I didn’t come up with my business idea. It came to me.

I still get to coach and teach. Self-love is important to negotiating more money and I was able to add in my expertise that people would actually pay me for. 

So how about you?

Here are some questions to ask yourself, and ways to help you find the answer:

(1) What can you do that falls within your expertise, but also feels delicious and kind of jerks you alive when you think about it? 

Make some time to sit down, uninterrupted, and write down things that you have learned to do well, and could teach to others. List those things in order of what interests you most, to least.

(2) Try thinking about it but give yourself the grace to NOT KNOW and let the universe bring the decision to you.

Ponder it, pay attention in moments when you are feeling productive, and pay attention to business ideas that come your way in those moments. Come back to the list as often as you need. Be open to letting others make suggestions. 

(3) Lastly, remember that the goal will feel sweet but enjoying the journey it takes to get there can feel a whole lot sweeter.

Try to keep an open mind and not stress yourself too much by comparing your journey to that of others. We are all trying to figure it out. Seek and ye shall find!

*feature image credit: Getty Images*