PR is great but when you’re first starting out,  you don’t really need it yet…

Here are 3 tips that are free and will get you exactly where you need to go.

Honor your current relationships

Honor the relationships you have now by not discounting an organization that’s on the come up. If they reach out to you to partner on something, say yes and give it your all!

Remember you’re on the come up too, so keep a long-term vision and maintain the relationships in a professional and positive way…

Play at your level and have fun watching the organizations you partner with grow as you do. In due time you’ll get larger more notable opportunities but honestly, really value where you are now…sometimes the come up can end up being the best part. 

Grab opportunities as they come

Don’t make a big deal out of formally reaching out to organizations that interest you. I sit in a lot of groups just to help out and join the conversation when I can. Some of my biggest opportunities came from writing a simple sentence under a social media post, or privately messaging the post creator. 

Is there a workshop opportunity you’d like to nominate yourself for? Cool, state your interest under that IG post or FB post. No big deal. 

I recommend keeping the convo casual and short. If they say no (btw I’ve never heard no reaching out this way…people are generally super cool), then keep it pushing.


The more content you put out, the more visibility you have, the more opportunity you have for podcast hosts to find you. 
Keep your head down, use social media as a CREATOR and not a consumer. Stay in YOUR OWN LANE and Keep. On. Working.

What step stood out the most?

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