These days “working remotely” does not just mean working out of the office. It often means not having an office at all.

While building my events and music video production company over the last 4 years, I’ve spent 80% of my time on the road.

The good parts of life on the road are expanding your network/customer base, adventure, and endless hospitality. The bad parts include airports, wearing the same outfits for months and mixing up your time zones constantly.

I learned a lot during that time and now that I’m building my company in my hometown of Los Angeles. I want to share advice for people on that’s on the road warrior journey.

According to my friends, successful remote work is all about…..

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“Proactive communication with your team, time management and taking time to enjoy your life so everything doesn’t feel like work.” – Royce Bable, Artist & Entrepreneur (@bableliketable)

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“Maintaining a routine, going outside whenever possible and finding other friends that work remotely to hangout with. – Ariel Lopez, Tech Founder (@ariellopez_xo)

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  • “Divide the day into blocks; I never have a traditional 8 hour work day so I batch tasks together like communication (calls, meetings, emails, etc).
  • Develop a flexible routine – my routines are rooted in creating boundaries between me and my work like journaling, going on walks, coffee in the morning and my mid-day smoothie.
  • Creating daily S.M.A.R.T. goals helps me be more efficient in achieving my goals which often leads to higher productivity and shorter work days.”

– Elijah McKinnon, Artist & Cultural Engineer (@elijaa_)

Keep reading for my tips as well!

  1. Be organized – Make sure EVERYTHING has a home because you cannot buy chargers every month – you have plane tickets to cop!
  2. Make at least one new friend everywhere you go – Join Slack, Facebook, or other digital networking groups. Reach out to someone in the city you’re going to & meet them at their favorite work spot.
  3. Be strategic about where you work – Stay at hotels with spaces that you can work in. Research coffee shops near your Airbnb that accommodate your must-haves; my favorite kinds have are natural light, plentiful outlets, and diverse patronage.

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