At Mogul Millennial, we believe that when we avoid the important conversation around money, it becomes a silent tool for oppression for the Black entrepreneurial community. It’s hard to learn about something when you’re discouraged or scared to talk about it, and as a result, cannot really learn in order to grow.

In our new recurring series, All About the Benjamins, we’re challenging Black entrepreneurs to give us the tea on their financial reality—how much money they’re making (or not making), if they are profitable, how they were really able to launch their business, and so much more.

In this edition, we were able to catch up with Shana Heath, who is a 5-year franchise owner. Shana owns two different franchise systems including an Allstate Insurance Agency that provides personal, home and vehicle insurance and a Liberty Tax Agency that provides professional income tax preparation.

Click below to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey and the lessons in money that’s she learned while being a 2x franchise owner.