Any entrepreneur can tell you all about rejection. It can be really hard to deal with and it’s even harder not to take it personally. Society has taught us to internalize rejection when nothing could be further from the truth, especially in business.

On the other side of every deck/cold email/pitch is a human being with a job, a life and a number of priorities or goals that have nothing to do with us. Remember we’re all doing our best to do our best.

When You Hear “No”, instead of getting down on yourself or your business, consider changing your perspective to hear…..

“No. Not right now.”

  • We’re very quick to rush the process but it can take months or years to go from “no” to “yes”. Keep asking.

“I don’t have the capacity to do this”

  • For every single thing we commit to, we give away time or money or resources and those things are precious. Give people grace as they guard them. 

“This doesn’t align with my/our goals.”

  • Do nothing without intention. Word to Solange.

“You don’t know it but this causes a problem/conflict for me.”

  • Again, we do not know what people are battling or what changes are happening behind the scenes. Don’t assume you could’ve actually done anything to change the outcome.

No matter how many times you’re told “no” remember that the next “yes” is around the corner but you’ll never know if you give up or don’t keep showing up.

Here is to the next “yes” that changes your life.