If you’re looking for funding to take your startup idea to the next level, seeking angel investors can be game-changing for you.

An angel investor is a wealthy person who invests their personal money into startups in exchange for equity (aka a percentage of ownership in your biz).

Along with funding for your startup, angels will sometimes also provide other types of support (mentorship, advising, access to other resources and networks, etc.).  

Recently, we connected with media entrepreneur Uzo Ometu to talk all about angel investors and how to find them.

Uzo is the founder of BlackOakTV, a subscription video platform superserving Black audiences. Prior to BlackOakTV, Uzo worked at YouTube, Google, Associated Press, CBS, Morpheus Media and ESPN.

Recently Uzo and his team went through Y Combinator, but prior to that, they raised startup capital from angel investors. In a live interview via LinkedIn, Brittani and Uzo discussed what it means to seek funding from angel investors, how to find an angel investor for your startup, and how you should prepare to approach and pitch these types of investors.

Check out the interview below to soak up all the gems.