I was told once before that it does not matter how successful you are if you do not enjoy doing what you do, it will fail. That being said, I have named some great business ideas to begin with. However you choose to invest with your coins, you should never get into an area of business that you will not love, because it will prevent it from thriving.

The real concept is to get you to develop a mentality to think outside of the box and get where you want to be. When starting a business, it is in good practice to register your business and get a professional license if you are thinking about getting into a business where it requires one. This list I am about to share, will not only give you ideas for business to start but it will give you the motivation to start thinking like an entrepreneur. 

Here are 5 business ideas that will help you to think smarter and not harder. 

1. Online Business

It is not an actual business, but it is where you can start. Nowadays, just about every big retailer has gone digital and has brought shopping from in stores to conveniently shopping online. It works for those that just don’t feel like going out. Not even Macy’s weekly sales can get me out of the house if I have what I need at my fingertips. 

No matter what you really sell online, the cost for online businesses is really not that pricey. It’s the time that it takes to keep up with them that you have to be dedicated to. This has been a good and smart move for start-up or small businesses that are expanding. This is a good way to pocket money without investing in property to do it.

2. Web Design

Web designing is not easy, which is why it pays so well. All you need is passion and software tools and your good to go. I have worked with some seriously talented people who do this as a side job and make residual income where they have the option to turn it into a full-time job if they wanted to. 
The amount of money you can potentially make is pretty promising and most people are self-taught. So again, if you have the time, skills and the drive to do web design, I would highly recommend it! It is worth the try.

3. Selling greeting cards

It is a steady small business with full potential. Most people buy cards, throughout the year with birthdays, holidays, special occasions, etc. People are always buying cards. They are small gestures of what people what to say, but need someone to say it for them.  

If you are a creative person and love to inspire people, this is the perfect startup for you. You will still need to consider the cost for printing services, but if you have your own scanner, computer and software, I say run with it.

4. Soaps and Fragrances

I actually know someone personally who does this for a living because she is not only good at it, but she loves it. Their full-time job pays very well, but doing this is what they love the most. It has become more like a hobby for her and she was able to create her own small company and run it from her own home.

There are a ton of YouTube videos that will teach you how to make your own soaps and fragrances. You can also purchase what you need for cheap and sell it resell it at a higher value. The best thing is, you do not have to make what you are not selling. With this type of business, you can make this product by request unless you plan on growing it bugger. Hair Care Products

5. Hair Care Products

It is suggested to use natural hair care products to eliminate the use of chemicals so as not to compromise the natural texture of our hair. Camille Rose is one brand name associated with a hairline with mainly natural ingredients.

One of my favorites from her line is Honey Hydrate, which consists of all-natural products. Everything you need to make a product like that is most likely already sitting in your kitchen cabinet and it is going to get used anyway.

Whatever business you decide to start on, remember to have an open mind, build it around your interests and have fun. Be willing to brand yourself and make a business plan. Every business owner has to learn to develop their business focused on who you are targeting. The last thing you want is to be unprepared that could cost you more than just your business. Start brainstorming on your business ideas and get started.