In the fast-paced world of public relations (PR), it’s hard to stand out and snag the attention of high-profile clients. Just think about it, there is literally a new PR boutique launching every day.

However, Krystle Coleman’s company, Midori Star Group, has become one of the leading public relation companies, and specializes in comprehensive PR, brand strategy, and marketing to entertainers and corporate individuals.

Throughout her career, Krystle has worked with Carmelo Anthony, Asante Samuel, Rick Ross, Plies, Married to Medicine’s Dr. Jacqueline Walters, and Trina just to name a few.

Prior to becoming THE BOSS, the Detroit native attended Florida Memorial University and studied PR, communications, and journalism. Entering college her freshman year, Krystle already had an idea of what she wanted to be when she “grew up.” As a freshman, Krystle didn’t waste any time and immediately started looking for ways to get real-life experience in the career in PR she dreamt of.

“[The] same day I arrived on campus my freshman year, I started applying for internships…My freshman year I was interning with VIBE and The Pub Report. My sophomore year I applied for the Def Jam Publicity internship program that [occurred] every year in New York. They picked 10 to 15 kids a summer and I was one of the ones picked,” Krystle shared in an interview with All HipHop.

After getting that experience, Krystle later earned an internship with Slip‐N‐Slide Records. Her time with Slip‐N‐Slide Records lasted during the rest of her college experience and upon graduation, she was hired on as a head label publicist. At Slip‐N‐Slide Records, her responsibilities included calling radio stations, researching press, taking notes in label meetings, getting lunch, coordinating video shoot press, compiling media kit materials, and working on small writing assignments.

After working for Slip‐N‐Slide Records, Krystle worked as a freelance publicist and began working on launching her own company.

“Me and Trina have a really good relationship; I think I was bouncing some ideas off with her and some other people and I just was like I’m gonna launch my own boutique agency,” Coleman told Hiphopcleopatra in an interview.

Working as an intern and head Publicist with Slip‐N‐Slide Records taught her many things that impacted her entrepreneurship journey.

Here are 3 quick things we learned from our chat with Krystle:

1. Respect and courage will go a long way

One of the keys to Krystle’s success has been, “develop tough skin, take nothing personal, and treat everyone with the same respect from the CEO to the janitor.” Between that, having hands-on experience, learning the importance of accountability, and avidly using the power of ‘follow-up’ impacted Krystle’s business heavily. It also helped Krystle get referrals from celebrity clients, but also being a socialite within the entertainment scene helped as well.

2. As an entrepreneur, you still have a boss

“I emerged into entrepreneurship before it became ‘trendy’. I will say being your own boss, you still end up being ‘an employee.’ The only difference is, entrepreneurs are employees and work for all of their clients/customers,” Krystle shared.

3. Never stop learning

The business of being in business is an ever-evolving roller coaster so it’s critical that you’re always educating yourself, and that you’re not afraid to pivot in business if necessary.

As Krystle told Mogul Millennial, “Do your research, have humility, be a student at every walk of life, [and then] do more research. Make sure your mission is about “service” and actually making a difference.”

As the CEO of her own company, Krystle’s company is headquartered in Miami and is still leading the way and helping high-profile clients with their PR, creative content, and marketing needs. Keep up with her company here on Instagram.