For all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, YouTube is a number one source for content and inspiration. Before we dish out our hard earned coins, we want to see if the latest products and gadgets are really worth it. Besides product reviews, YouTube allows consumers to get inexpensive style inspo or beginner friendly makeup looks — and that’s where Iterica Denise comes in. An account executive by day and YouTuber by night, Iterica has created a safe place for working women, mothers and aspiring influencers to get fashion tips, affordable makeup options, authenticity and more. Today, she shares the importance of planning, balance and persistence.

Do you plan weekly goals or monthly goals? Is that an important part of your routine?

I have monthly goals. Goal setting helps you balance and stay on track, especially if you have a side hustle. I decide how much of my time I want to dedicate to my side hustle. Even when I feel lazy, I think about how ultimately my side hustle allows me to invest in myself and my passion. So, planning allows you to write down your commitments and execute them.

How do you manage your 5 to 9?

I treat my 5 to 9 as if it were my 9 to 5. It is all about balance. I have learned not to mix the two, my corporate job and side hustle, because they are very different. Each requires dedicated time and resources.  I will be honest, things can get overwhelming and you can get off track. If I am feeling tired or overwhelmed, I try to break down bigger tasks into smaller ones, that way I can still accomplish something if I fall behind. I encourage everyone to adopt a plan for weeks when deadlines are tight or when unforeseen things occur

How do you prevent your 9 to 5 from burning you out so that you can focus on your 5 to 9?

I don’t bring my 9 to 5 with me. When I am off, I am off. I try not to think about work and the things I have to tackle at my job the next day. I just have an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. That helps me balance and prepare for my side hustle.

As someone who works a corporate job, how do you stay motivated for your 5 to 9 though it isn’t your bread and butter?

It’s one of my passions and when you are passionate about something, you don’t give up on it. I am fulfilled by it, and that is the income for me. Sure, we would all love to be paid for our passions, but payment can come in many forms. You just have to make sure that money isn’t your only motive. I can assure you if you are dedicated to your side hustle, then it will pay off.

How do you define balance?

The definition is subjective, but for me, it is important for me to live a balanced life— professionally and personally. As a new mom and full-time worker, I realized in order for me to be dedicated to my channel balance is necessary. Balance doesn’t mean everything is in order. It simply means you have learned to allocate your time and energy to fit your needs.

What traits do you see fit for a side hustler?

I would have to say a side hustler is determined, motivated and consistent.  Even when they get off track, they bounce back. They are optimistic and diligent. For many of us, our side hustle might not generate income yet, so that can cause someone to give up. If you remain persistent, you will see results.

So, what did we learn from Iterica Denise? We learned that balance, planning and persistence are essential for a side hustle. Besides, if you hustle right and smart, your 5 to 9 can become your full-time job.