I think we have all been in a place where we were doing something we absolutely hated just for the money or you were doing what you are passionate about but can’t seem to make money from it. During my conversation with life coach, Chelsea Zirna, we dig deep into how to find your ‘ikigai’ a Japanese term for reason for being. Your ikigai is the intersection of what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at and what you can be paid for.

Everything about this conversation was life giving. One of the questions I loved the most was, ‘How can I be happy with nothing?”. The question really challenges you to get clear on your values, what is your core and foundation. Come to a place of self-worth and self-love first and then start your business. As fun as the successes of business are, business is a false sense of fulfillment, that can’t be your metric for peace and joy.

In our conversation, we talk about:

  • To light your ikigai, you first have to get clear on what you really want.
  • Fear is the number one reason, that keeps people from living in their purpose.
  • Surround yourself with people who are constantly expanding you.
  • Are you really living in alignment? Are the things you want lining up with the things that you are doing.

There were so many takeaways from talking with Chelsea that I am excited to start applying to my own life. I’ve challenged myself and challenge you to start today in creating the life you want to live. It’s all the small decisions we make from day to day that add up to our lives. If you can relate or have thoughts about this conversation, I would love for you to comment and share below. And as always know that you are not alone in the ‘Journey’.