The days of old are gone where mentors were only available for those on a certain life/career trajectory. Mentors now are inclusive of everyone non-discriminative of their field, background, educational level or career aspiration. As the trend of mentorship evolves and expands, it is now safe to say that having only one mentor isa disservice and potentially limiting well-rounded growth. The old African Proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, still reigns true even in 2018.

The two most common mistakes people make when seeking a mentor are: only seeking a mentor in his or her career field and settling for just one mentor. These are crucial mistakes that I now hope will never be made again. In order to ensure the most growth, a well-rounded and global perspective and the ability to become a polymath, a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning, seek out a mentor in these five diverse industries:

  1. Your own career field
  2. Finance
  3. Law
  4. Tech
  5. Spirituality

Having a mentor in your own career field is crucial to your upward trajectory in that industry. Someone that has successfully navigated the same waters that you currently find yourself in will have an abundance of knowledge to also help you sail those seas effectively. Unless you’re already in the finance world, I highly suggest you start seeking a finance mentor. Their expertise on saving, investing and managing one’s capital will serve you, your family and your legacy long after you’ve left this earth. Not just because police in America has been dealing a dirty hand to people of color but also because knowing the law and how it affects your business and your livelihood are important factors to not only live but to thrive in this global economy. Know the law so you can always stay on the right side of it and how to change it when it becomes outdated. We live in a world where technology is king. It is hugely significant in every industry ranging from show business to healthcare to the nonprofit sector. A tech mentor will keep you abreast of ever-changing trends and which technology will maximize your success and impact in the world. Taking care of oneself mentally and spiritually is mandatory for sustainability in any field. The World Health Organization even estimates that stress costs American businesses up to $300 billion a year in job turnover costs, health care expenditures, and absenteeism. How do you combat this? For many it is spiritually, which should not be confused with religion. A spiritual mentor, even by observing his or her habits and patterns, will teach you how to center your spirit in this often-volatile economy.

Lastly, be careful not to choose a mentor based solely on success but ensure their character is intact. No standard should be comprised on when your purpose is on the line. For more tips, tricks and trends please follow The Mogul Millennial (@MogulMillennial) and myself (@JustinKey101) on social media.