What’s the secret to securing real growth and visibility for your business?

Two words: digital marketing

I know you feel like you’re already using digital marketing to grow your business, but hear me out for a minute.

Like most people, you’ve already set up an IG account and are posting regularly. You’re doing ya’ thing on Twitter, and are even moderating panels on Clubhouse.

But let’s be real, by doing that, and only that, how is that really working for you?

I hate to break it to you fam, but that’s only a small part of marketing your business. With more businesses starting every day, you gotta find a way to stand out among the crowd.

Hey, don’t debate me, debate ya’ mama.

Numbers is the name of the game, and I’m not just talking about your follower count.


Stats like having high-performing engagement numbers and click-through rates is what’s up. I know you may think having a bunch of followers is cute and all, but turning your followers into sales is cuter.

See fam, this is where investing in your future and getting a certificate in digital marketing can help. Trends change all the time— literally every day there’s something new.

Because of that reason and more, I’m always trying to find ways to level up my education and apply what I’m learning to my business. If you’ve been using the same, tired ole’ digital marketing strategy that ain’t working, or that’s giving you little to no traction, you should look into beefing up your digital marketing knowledge.

Think about it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know exactly what leads are bringing in money?

Or if your content is reaching your clients?

Or even more so, wouldn’t it be dope if you knew how to properly market your product without hiring a marketing expert?

The Digital Marketing Certificate from Continuing and Professional Education at The New School can help you learn all of that and more.

I know what you’re thinking, Mogul. You don’t have time to be back in school. These entrepreneurship streets keep you busy already. You’re out here trying to secure funding, get partnerships, grow your team - all while having a personal life. The balance game is STRONG - I get it.

But your education is an investment, and you didn’t start that business to not give it everything you got (plus more).

At Continuing and Professional Education at Continuing and Professional Education at The New School, you’re getting real-time, relevant knowledge that you can apply immediately to your biz.

No waiting years for everything to come together.

Everything from the way it’s taught (online) to who’s teaching it (successful marketing leaders) to how (project-based), means that the courses are flexible, relevant, and on your schedule.

Whether you’re ready to launch, grow, or expand, the Digital Marketing Certificate from Continuing and Professional Education at The New School can provide you with the extra knowledge and experience you need to succeed.

Are you ready to diversify your skills?

That’s the real glow up.

Registration is now open for courses starting on April 5th!

Go ahead and sign up so you can soak up all the gems and apply it to your biz.

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by The New School. Registration is now open for their digital marketing certificate. With this certificate, you'll gain new knowledge and skills that can help you in your biz or career.

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