There's a lot of talk going on about getting a seat at the table, but once you get that seat, do you know how to successfully present yourself and your company?

Being able to succinctly pitch (with or without slides) is something that many entrepreneurs have struggled with and has caused many founders to leave money and opportunities on the table. For this reason and more is why Mogul Millennial created The Quick Pitch.

The Quick Pitch, presented by Mogul Millennial, is a FREE, monthly, virtual pitch event for entrepreneurs to practice their pitch with an investor, get real, instant feedback, meet other entrepreneurs, and get exposure for their business.

The first Quick Pitch event was held on August 11th, 2020 and featured Austin Clements, a VC and Managing Partner at On Purpose Ventures (OPV). Outside of that, Clements is also the Managing Director at Grid110, an accelerator aimed at supporting emerging entrepreneurs to build and grow strong, sustainable businesses across LA.

At The Quick Pitch, there were seven companies that practiced their quick pitch with Clements and received instant, transparent feedback.

Learn more about the companies below, and click the video below to watch the event. (begin video at the 6:34 mark to watch the pitches)

The Quick Pitch participants

Kimberly Jolasun of Villie

Villie creates games for expecting parents to get support from their friends and family online. Villie's first game is Gender Reveal Game which allows parents to raise money.

Jeremy Gaston of UBALLN

UBALLN is a short-video sharing app and social challenge platform. UBALLN's mission is to capture and present the world's most skilled athletes, directly from their mobile device. UBALLN empowers users to be the pro, by encouraging them to share their passion and challenge anyone through their videos.

Saraa Green of The Braid Releaser

The Braid Releaser is a tool that acts as an aid to maintain healthy hair. The benefit would be providing a pain-free, time-efficient experience.

Khalil Bilal & Iamka Martinez of Telecurl

TeleCurl is a website and mobile application connecting stylists to provide personalized hair care.

Nydia Simone of Blactina

Blactina Media produces content via film/tv/digital media for Afrolatinx/Caribbean audiences globally. Blactina's mission to amplify Afrolatinx and Caribbean stories with an emphasis on women through media and entertainment.

Chandler Young of iJustOrder

The iJustOrder mobile app integrates with existing venue infrastructure to improve and innovate the guest experience through offering ticketing, in-seat ordering, parking, and purchasing merchandise.

Madilynn Beck of Fountful

Fountful is a digital marketplace listing service, offers direct-to-your-door amenity services on-demand. From haircuts, to personal chefs, Fountful features specialists in hospitality, entertainment, and health/beauty available for same-day or future bookings at a location that’s convenient to where life happens for you.

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(begin video at the 6:34 mark to watch the pitches)