I’ve yet to meet a person who is content with student loans. The two words make most people cringe and rightfully so. Even with loan forgiveness and consolidation options, the average person with a bachelor’s degree will pay off their loans in just over 21 years. That’s beyond absurd, but there may be another way. 

Samara Chienye, a Houston native and FAM-U pharmacy student, found a way to pay her tuition and avoid student debt altogether. “Before I was living off my refund checks and little jobs at the pharmacy. Now, I don’t have to use my loans. With foreign exchange trading and cryptocurrency, I pay for everything out of pocket.”  “Everything” includes her tuition.

In context, Samara’s experience isn’t unfathomable. Foreign exchange is a $5 trillion-dollar market seven times larger than the stock market. Similar to stocks, anyone can become a retail trader; it’s all about the platform used. Samara’s platform is Markets Academy.

         IM is a platform that teaches individuals to trade foreign currency and cryptocurrency in a short period of time. Samara was introduced to the company by a colleague and was skeptical at first. After some research, she finally gave it a try. “When I first started, I put in $20 and I flipped it to $40. I built my $20 into $500 in four weeks. Once I reached $3000, I was able to put my first deposit down on my pharmacy school tuition.” 

         It took Samara less than four months to earn $3000 while balancing school and launching her own inspirational shirt line Rx Empowerment. Her journey, however, wasn’t completely uphill.

 “There will be times that you will lose. You have to understand that about trading. You will lose, but you will have more wins than you have losses. I had to tell myself that every bad situation is temporary. I stayed positive, faithful to my religion and started reading. My favorite book right now is The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.”

         For Samara, mindset and consistency are both necessary in the foreign exchange market. In order to see results, a person needs to trade once a day or at least three times a week. Additionally, Samara is a part of a team that holds regular chats and weekly Monday motivational calls to encourage each other. “We talk about how to get started with the trading market and bring in positive energy for the week. We’re like a family.”

         A platform like Samara’s cost $225 to get started compared to a traditional trading route that takes years of schooling and experience. IM is one platform and Samara would happily show new partners how to replicate her path even faster. 

         “Once people reach out through my site, I’ll be able to connect them with our group.”

         Like Samara, do your research. Foreign exchange trading and cryptocurrency are lucrative markets worth exploring when time permits. Outside of IM, there are other suggested platforms, and at the end of the day, there are plenty of ways to generate additional income to assist with student loan payments.

         “There are so many opportunities out here there’s no reason someone shouldn’t be making extra income.”