There are many guides to help you reach your fullest potential – mentorships, workshops, classes. Most of them cannot beat good, old-fashioned reading.

Here are five books that will aid you on your journey of becoming an entrepreneur, and striving for greatness.

1.Resonate by Alex Wolf

Technology and culture expert Alex Wolf guides you through a life-changing literary voyage to realize that at the key to having true success in business is by making real human connections.

Engagement, followers, likes, retweets, shares, quotes are all great ways to determine  success when it comes to social media. However, social media posts will never beat a message that pulls at someone’s soul, and makes your reader think twice. 

Wolf further explores that the internet is no longer a side hobby or something you do for fun. Everything is the internet! As a business, brand, influencer, entrepreneur, etc., it is your responsibility to make sure your messaging immediately clicks with not only the target audience but with a person who is unfamiliar with your work.

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2. Crushing it! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Crushing it is a simple, straight-forward, to-the-point book. DO WORK. Gary Vee follows up his highly successful debut book Crush it with Crushing It! This book is one key to unlocking how great entrepreneurs build business and influence, and how anybody can do the same.

Instead of the social media guru, Gary Vee, writing the tools he used to build his social media empire, he calls upon dozens of entrepreneurs, brand builders, and CEOs to tell their stories about how they are crushing the game, and advice about how you can too.

Every business needs a game plan. With Crushing It! you will learn tactics to help find your version of success through social media. 

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3. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

Elon Musk is this century’s Henry Ford, Robert H. Goddard, Steve Jobs, Alexander Graham Ball, & Antonio Meucci, and Thomas Edison all rolled up into one person. He is the premier entrepreneur. He not only defied the odds, but he has also pushed and expanded on the boundaries of current technology. From PayPal to Tesla, Elon Musk is the true definition of achieving success in your own way. Veteran technology and business journalist, Ashlee Vance, showcases Musk’s life through this biography. 

On a journey of entrepreneurship, many individuals get caught up in the end results, and not necessarily caught up in creating a better world for everybody. Vance sets the narrative that Musk not only dared to be great, he wanted to leave the world a better place than when he arrived.

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4. The Dream is Reel by Kenny Burns

The Lifestyle Specialist, Kenny Burns, redefined what it meant to be a Black person in the entertainment industry starting in the mid-90s. For 25+ years, Burns surgically cultivated the culture of what Hip-Hop is today. From music, fashion, content, advertising, if it has anything to do with Hip-Hop or Black culture over the past two decades, Kenny Burns had a hand in it. 

The Dream is Reel is his autobiography about his experiences from a troubled teen on the streets of the DC, Maryland, Virginia area to becoming a successful entrepreneur. The Dream is Reel is more than an autobiography. It is a guidebook for individuals who are in areas to disrupt. Kenny Burns is a disruptor, and his book reflects that and gives readers guidelines and hope that they also create a space that hasn’t been created yet.

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5. Disruptive Marketing by Geoffrey Colon  

In the year 2019, an entrepreneur has to realize that the majority of marketing happens through mobile devices.

Geoffrey Colon makes the process of marketing and branding through this rapid digital age easier with his book Disruptive Marketing. Colon, the host of the podcast, DisruptiveFM and a part of the advertising and brand studio of Microsoft, is well-versed in marketing in this new era. 

Branding and marketing via mobile should not be a difficult task if done right, Colon ensures that when the proper procedures are taken, the results will be positive. 

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Do not know quite where to start? These five books will send you on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.