Truth is, we’ve all been there at least once. From sitting in meetings that very well could’ve been an email, to working on minuscule projects that didn’t engage our highest potential. We’ve set to tackle daily tasks with an ambitious attitude with hopes of climbing that (corporate) ladder. In some cases, it’s a climb that never happens.

More often than not, millennials are finding themselves in stagnant positions, striving to obtain promotion while lacking much-sought-after professional development. As discouraging (and draining) as it can be, there is hope for the millennial that desires more.

If you, too, have realized that you’re no longer growing at your job, here’s what you can do:

Identify what you want out of your job
It always helps to have a clear vision and expectation about where you see yourself. Identifying and knowing your goals will help you to be more intentional about the work that you do. It will help you to specifically define the path you desire to take in your career. So, grab a notebook and pen and begin to lay out your foundation of goals.

Tap into a new passion outside of work.
When you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. Sometimes, we lack motivation because we’re not clear on what we want to do. (Refer back to the previous tip.) Step away from social media, cut back on your time hanging out with friends, and focus. Spend silent time alone to discover what it is that you are passionate about. Usually your passion is a direct link to your purpose.

Seek professional development opportunities.
(Spoiler: Sometimes opportunities have to be uncovered. They won’t always jump out at you, screaming “Hey! Pick me!”) With that idea in mind, perhaps your lack of growth is tied to the fact that you may not have even asked for growth opportunities? Never assume that your manager is aware that you have a desire to climb. Some people are very well content with remaining in the role they were hired for.

Schedule time with your supervisor to talk more about the opportunities (if any) that you can take advantage of. Prior to this meeting, take time to research available courses you can take that are related to your interests. There are a number of certification courses, whether online or in-person, that you can take to strengthen (and spruce up) the skills and assets you were hired to utilize. Always be prepared before making your “ask,” it’s key.

When it doubt, make a change.
If all else fails (don’t worry it won’t), make a change. Use your frustrations as the driving force to your plot twist. You are a brand! Build and cultivate your image. Give that LinkedIn account a much-needed refresh, and update your resume too.  Doing so will help you to prepare for what could be an alternate career path. It’s easier to apply yourself to better opportunities once your materials are updated.

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