People typically run away from recruiters, but here you are looking to connect with one. I kid. 

Recruiters are invaluable when you’re newly on the job market. Not only do they have direct access to hiring managers, but they typically have several roles you are a good fit for and generally are able to give you feedback as you ramp up interviewing. It’s imperative that once you decide to start looking, you start working with one and ideally several. 

Let’s jump right in!

Recruiters typically find you. However, below are the places that you’ll generally find them hanging out. Create an online presence there and you’ll be one step closer to recruiters sliding through your DMs. 

Don’t sleep on job boards

Employment sites like ZipRecruiter, AngelList, Indeed, and CareerBuilder are all sites commonly used by recruiters. It’s important for you to research the best ones for your job function. An easy way to do this is to just Google your title + jobs. Google will typically populate sites that have your types of roles present. Create a profile, apply to a few positions and then you’ll receive third-party recruiters emailing you additional jobs that are not even posted publically! 

ZipRecruiter works in the same way. It is an all in one shop that makes applying to positions easy. It allows you to apply to positions in mass using a standard cv you upload to their database. Following Recruiting Agencies will have access to your profile and will email you positions directly. 

Get help from a recruiting agency

You can always directly contact recruiting agencies like Modis, Adecco, and Robert Half. These agencies partner with thousands of companies in various industries to help companies find the best applicants.

For example, if you work in Marketing, then feel free to research Marketing Recruiting Agencies and submit a resume or cv directly to their portal. However, my advice would be to find the agency on LinkedIn and message a recruiter there. Typically the recruiters are more active on LinkedIn and so you may have a better chance of reaching someone quickly.

Take advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a new section called Jobs that helps its users share their job search status and interests. In this section, you can choose to be contacted by recruiters while also letting them know where you are in the job search market, how often you want to be contacted, and how urgently you are looking to take on a new role.

If you have a LinkedIn account, head on over and update this section so that recruiters can contact you asap.

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