Work can be a drag. There will be days when you’re pumped up and ready to conquer the world, and then there will be days when you just feel like you may not make it through the day. Here are some tips to keep you going when the going gets tough.

Create a to-do list.

To do lists allow you to see your tasks and get a clear picture of what needs to be done. When you realize just how much you need to do you become more eager to get started and complete your tasks.

Turn up to your workout playlist.

Keep the same energy from your morning workout by listening to the same playlist. You’ll trick your mind into thinking it’s time to workout again and you’ll instantly be fired up!

Take a walk or a mental break.

Step away from the screen that your eyes have been glued to for the past 3 hours and get some fresh air. No trails nearby? No problem. Close your eyes for 10 seconds while inhaling and exhaling deeply. Picture yourself on a beach or wherever it is that puts your mind to ease. You’ll be ready to go in no time.

Eat a light lunch.

Dozing off after lunch? Heavy meals may sound like a good idea at noon, but once 1 pm rolls around you may regret it. A light lunch such as salad or a sandwich will leave you satisfied and you won’t have to worry about fighting sleep through the last half of your day.

Drink an ice-cold cup of water.

An ice-cold glass of water will wake you right up. Studies show that cold water increases the body’s alertness. It’s also a great alternative for those who want to stray away from the usual 4 cups of coffee.

The workday doesn’t always have to be a drag. With the right tools you can power through and truly enjoy your week. I’d love to hear from you. What are some things you do to make the day go faster?