When Tiffany Williams started a Facebook group in 2016, she never foresaw having a community of nearly 35,000 members three years later. She definitely didn’t expect the free group to become a million-dollar business. 

         “I’ve been able to build a million-dollar business from a free facebook group with just myself and my mom. We run the Rich Girl Collective.”  

         Rich Girl Collective is a network of women looking to start a side hustle or full-time business. However, “rich” does not just mean finances; it’s an acronym. “R” is for relationships, “I” is for investments, “C” is for community, and “H” is for health and wellness. 

         “This is the full person. You aren’t just rich in one area. Even if you’re great in business, you still have to be healthy to spend the money, or you have to find balance between work and family. Working with my mom represents the relationship. We were close before, but now we’re even closer because we’re building a business together.”

         Tiffany’s business started humbly. After 10 years in corporate, she avoided a foreseen lay-off by putting in her resignation. At the time, Tiffany was researching online-businesses and dabbling in selling physical products on Amazon and Ebay. Unknowingly she began to generate the same amount of income as her corporate job and was so successful that people started inquiring about what she was doing. 

Shortly after, Tiffany created the Rich Girl Collective Facebook group to share her expertise. She has three tips that help with success in the digital world. 

Pick one thing first.

         “Everyone’s goal is to make multiple streams of income. That isn’t done in a week. Pick one thing first. When you’re trying to be a jack of all trades, you’re not able to put 100% effort into one thing. Master that one thing, then move on to the next thing in the same area.” 

         Tiffany is a strong proponent of multiple income streams, but her secret is to master the first niche, and allow that to create additional revenue. Her own business growth is evident of this.

         “I started with one-on-one coaching. So many women were coming to me, I came up with income stream two: classes. That way I could connect with the masses. After a while, the women wanted to connect, so we made a Rich Girl Live event. I have the same audience for each stream of income.”

Start growing your audience now. 

         “Most people make sure their product is perfect first, put it out there to sell and it’s like, ‘Okay somebody by my stuff.’ Don’t launch first. Start building an audience while developing your website and product. That way, when you’re ready, you already have an audience in place that you’ve built a relationship with.” 

Do not compare your year one to somebody’s year ten.

         “We all see people on Instagram traveling to Thailand and Dubai and we say ‘Why can’t I do that? I work hard too.’ But you never know what it took or how much that person invested. My mom always tells me to have tunnel vision and not to worry about what anyone else is doing.”

         Tunnel vision is exactly how Tiffany was able to build her million-dollar brand in three years. She is always looking to help more women do the same through her Facebook group or upcoming Rich Girl Live event in Atlanta, March 2020. 

         In the meantime, her final advice is to, “Start now. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out. Learn as you go.”