I have been stanning for Lizzo since Spotify randomly threw “Good As Hell” into my Discover Weekly.

Lizzo’s message of self-love, her amazing voice, and bold, imaginative lyrics hooked me immediately. Recently, Lizzo has officially met the masses and her single “Truth Hurts”, originally released in August 2017, hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. 

While Lizzo is a Musician & Performer, we often deal with this issue in Entrepreneurship. You start a brand, post content or launch an event that you’re proud of and it doesn’t catch on right away. The next time you release something and it doesn’t go viral 2 hours later, learn from Lizzo’s story.

Follow your own advice

Since the beginning, Lizzo has preached the gospel of self-love and that means loving yourself especially when the world isn’t really loving you. Show off your talents on any stage that you can. Earlier this year, attention around Lizzo grew because of her ability to play the flute, often while twerking. She played the flute on late-night talk shows, onstage and backstage, which slowly raised her profile. 

Don’t stop working just because you think it’s not working

Lizzo went back into the studio to record her 2019 album Cuz I Love You and released her single “Juice” at the top of the year. The single and video opened a lot of people up to her music, leading them back to the almost 5 month old “Truth Hurts” helping it to not fade away.

Cut to April 2019 and Coachella Weekend 1 when Lizzo’s set becomes one of the weekend’s most triumphant. I am a witness as I saw her set the stage on fire despite rampant technical difficulties. She was so good that even Janelle Monae came by to check her out. Which is why you always have to show up ready to slay

During the week of April 19th, between the Coachella weekends, the rom-com Someone Great debuts on Netflix, featuring a memorable scene where Gina Rodriguez, Dawanda Wise, and Brittany Snow sing along to “Truth Hurts”, causing the song to trend #1 on Twitter. Being that artists have to agree to have their songs licensed, it’s plausible that Lizzo could have passed on this and missed this pivotal moment. Stay open to the magic that you cannot predict or control, just embrace. 

Believe that people will support you when you’re brave enough to ask for it

Since May, Lizzo has continued pushing “Truth Hurts” up the hill known as the Billboard charts. 

She’s been touring all over the country supporting her album and garnering more fans through major appearances at the MTV Movie Awards, BET Awards and MTV VMAs. Most importantly, she hasn’t been shy or embarrassed about saying she wants a number one single and about asking her community to help get her there. Well, Lizzo did it and you can too. Don’t give up!