It’s no easy task to become the best version of YOU in and outside the workplace. You need motivation, energy, and good habits to maximize your output.

Here’s how you can create a routine to help you be more productive and beast your week.

To be successful, you gotta be disciplined. You can have all the drive, creativity, and passion in the world, but you’re wasting your energy if you don’t have the necessary focus. And to gain this focus, you gotta form a routine of daily habits if you wanna beast your week.

Form Successful Daily Habits to Crush It

  1. Wake up early: To perform day in and day out, you need to stop hitting that snooze button and get out of bed. The earlier you wake up, the better you’ll be as you’ll get a head start on your day. This move sets the tone for the rest of your day. We’re not saying you need to wake up at 3:45 a.m. like a lot of the IG entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, but waking up before 7 a.m. can go a long way. #trustme
  2. Get more sleep: The key to beasting your day is to feel good. And to feel good, you need to get enough sleep. Many of us make the mistake of staying up later than we should, and we feel it the next day. Being tired affects our work performance and creativity. Get eight hours of sleep at night, and your body, work, and boss will thank you.
  3. Write your goals down: When you head to work, you need to have some idea and sense of direction. Things may come up, but you should still keep in mind the tasks you plan to tackle that day. Write down three priority tasks that you plan on doing that day. It will give you a sense of direction, and it will also provide you with energy and motivation.
  4. Hit the gym: It’s easy to find yourself exhausted when you wake up, or even after a long day of work. However, it’s good to balance mental work with physical work. Find a workout routine that works for you and be consistent.

Patterns to Maximize your Productivity

  1. Control your calendar, don't let it control you: Are you only using your calendar to schedule meetings? If you do, there will be plenty of open blocks of time on your calendar, which your co-workers may see as “free time.” I recommend you fill up those blocks with tasks to prevent this from happening (and it'll also give your day more structure so that's a plus).
  2. Learn how to say ”NO”: You have a busy life, we all know there's always something that needs to be done, and somebody or a a coworker that always needs help. Learn how to say the word “no” in a professional way when this happens. Doing so will help you be more productive and get things done.
  3. Realize that things happen, and let them: Sometimes you gotta let some fires burn. When you have a million things to do, and there's one you, you have to realize that you can't do everything at once. Instead, focus on solving the most pressing issues now, and leave the smaller ones in the back-burner for the time being. Let those small fires burn, realize that things happen, and take care of them later.

Avoid Distractions and You’ll Go Farther

  1. Limit your cellphone use: This one is a no-brainer, but we all suffer from this. Throughout the workday, you should turn off  your phone notifications and put it on “do not disturb.” Constantly getting notification will only distract you and pull you away from success.
  2. Limit your social media use: Twitter, IG, Clubhouse… they’re all distractions (unless you’re a social media manager and have to be on social media). If you don't have to be on social media for work, limit your use. You know how it is. You take one minute to check that notification, and then that one minute turns into an hour, and then a hour into the whole day! Don't fall victim to this - be strong.
  3. Learn to delegate: There’s plenty of work to go around, so don’t think you need to do it all. Get to know your co-workers and find out their strengths. When your plate is overflowing, pass on tasks to someone else so you can focus and be more productive.
  4. Schedule time to procrastinate: You’re not always going to be focused and energized because breaks are a thing for a reason, and you need em'. Instead of leaving procrastination up to chance, take charge of it, and plan it out. Between each lengthy task, set up 10 minutes of planned procrastination. Check messages, scroll on IG, or soak up some gems in a Clubhouse room. These breaks will give you the energy and focus you need.

The Takeaway

The road to beastmode is not easy, and success doesn't happen overnight. However, you can get on the right path by making the right moves. You can beast your week by developing habits of discipline, building patterns to maximize your productivity, and using tools near you to prevent distractions.

Once you do these things, you'll be able to beast your week and your work will show.

*feature photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels