“If it was not for God, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My path like anyone else’s has been meant only for me and I plan to stand out on faith and cook for the world.” – Chef Smoot 

Another day, another young black entrepreneur giving us life!

Meet Chef Smoot, owner of Smoot’s Kitchen. Chef Smoot resides in Dallas, Tx and has been cooking delicious meals right from his own home since 2017. From meal prep to birthday parties, Chef Smoot has proved that he can serve up a party of two or two hundred.

Read on to find out more about his journey as a self-taught chef.

What made you want to become a chef?” 

I love food and I love feeding people. I knew that being a chef was a career for me whether it was cooking for myself or for someone else. No matter where you go and how far you are in life, you will always be a student in the culinary world. As much as the world evolves, food changes with it.

Who has been your favorite client and why? 

 My favorite client has been the Stylist J. Bolin. Ever since I met the man, he literally has put me on. Regardless of just business, the guy is truly down to earth and wants to see his people succeed.

What inspires your dishes?

The inspiration for my dishes comes from everywhere. Whether it’s my past experience, food network, books, even when I eat somewhere, I focus on what would it taste like, how would it look, and how would it take someone feel when they take their first and last bite.

What roadblocks have you encountered and how do you overcome them?

Some roadblocks that I’ve encountered mainly deal with my level of experience. The only way to overcoming that is to believe that God will give you the desires of your heart. Even though I’m young and black, I’ve seen doors open that could only be because of God. That’s not say I’ve never been told no but, I have to stay focused, stay in my word, and remember to do the best that I can with where I am already at.

If you could prepare a meal for anyone, who would it be and why?

 I would personally love to prepare a meal for the top 5 black chefs in America (or just my personal favorites) who are doing anything similar to what I do. I believe that moment would be such a teachable, learning, and humbling experience to cook for those you look up to. To display my skills to some of the best would be the peak of my career.

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What future plans do you have for Smoot’s Kitchen?

Currently, we’re looking to get into food festivals and working on a business plan to open up shop which more details will come throughout the year regarding where and what it’s about.

Hungry yet? You can find Chef Smoot at the handles below for more information on upcoming pop-up shops and events.

Website – www.chefsmoot.com

Instagram – @chefsmoot

Facebook Page – Smoot’s Kitchen

Twitter – @chefsmoot