Management takes a unique set of skills. Fortunately, you don’t need a degree to get them, and the job market currently values them a lot more than hard skills. If you’re wondering what skill we’re talking about, it’s interpersonal skills.

For example, although data analysis and budget creation are important to manage a team or project, it’s a bit easy to find.

The gap that companies are fighting against is in the emotional intelligence department. If you’re a new manager you’ll need to know how to lead from behind, display persuasion skills, drive consensus and inspire action. Forbes agrees

As we become more technically advanced, we’re finding that a lot of the ‘harder skills’ are being automated and will die out coming decades. 
So what skills should a new manager focus on?

Keep reading as I share them below:

1. Not getting upset at yourself for submitting subpar work.

Realize that although you did your best, done is better than perfect and moving onto the next task is best for the common good.

Your team will look to you to set the speed. To keep projects on task, try not to get stuck on one tree and forget the forest…

2. Delegating your work is A O.K.

We’ve all been there. 

Watching someone butcher something that would take us two seconds to do with our hands tied behind our back. Although it’s tempting to show frustration, its important to although your team to an opportunity ramp up. 

However, the real reason you need to allow yourself to step aside and remain patient when mistakes happen is empowering others to take on tasks to develop their confidence. That is your number #1 task as their manager…

Lastly, open up your schedule to make better use of your time…

The time it takes for your team to ramp up will not negatively affect your work product in the long term. Remember that.

3.  You work for your employees and NOT the other way around. 

We touched on this already but it’s important to say again. Remember that your employees’ mental and emotional health is your number 1 priority. 

Them enjoying their work, feeling fulfilled and emotionally safe to perform well is your most important task as a manager. 

Keep this at the forefront and watch your employees thrive.

It’s exciting to be responsible for a new big project or team. Keep in mind the real responsibility that goes along with increasing profits for your company.

Be a manager that your team will speak well of, write epic LinkedIn reviews on and follow from company to company for years to come.