According to The Atlantic, 60% of millennials consider themselves entrepreneurs. Well, this makes sense because we are natural-born leaders, conquerors, and trailblazers. Recently, I got the chance to speak with an up and coming fashion entrepreneur.

Meet LA native Crystal Oyekwe, owner of Khere Kollection.

What is the inspiration behind your brand?

My fashion line is named after African goddess Khere-Ankh. I feel like all women are goddesses and I wanted to create a clothing brand that made them feel royal even when they are relaxing. I really wanted to create a leisure brand for the everyday woman of all industries. Something you can wear at home while working or just relaxing but also wear out while running errands or even dress it up to grab some drinks. I hope to expand my brand to include a swim, Ankara, couture and accessories line.

“I love fashion and everything that comes with it from advertising to production to sales, everything.”

Who does your line cater to?

My line caters to women from all walks of life, shapes and sizes. The ultimate comfort wear. Something you can wear that’s super comfortable, high-quality and cute. A luxury leisure brand.

These days, it seems as though most millennials are entrepreneurs, how do you stay ahead of the rest?

I wouldn’t say I stay ahead of the rest because one thing I never do is compare myself to anyone else. I do get inspired by all the millennial entrepreneurs I see these days, but I never compare myself because everyone’s journey is different. I make sure I stay focused and just keep my eye on the prize, I have a vision of what I want my brand to look like so I don’t let anything rush the process. Patience is key.

As a young black millennial, what impact are you hoping to have on the fashion world?

Ultimately, I want to have a global brand. I’m Nigerian so I hope to expand and incorporate Ankara into my brand. I want to eventually move my production/manufacturing to Nigeria and create jobs for my people and boost the economy of my country. Nigeria could even become one of the manufacturing capitals of the world. I would love to ship worldwide to all countries and put Ankara on the map, making it a part of everyday fashion.

Khere Kollection will launch this fall. If you’d like to keep up with the clothing line, please follow them on Instagram for all the latest updates and fashion.