Just a few years ago I was honored as a HuffPost Icon Next. It was a huge and humbling moment for me. Over the years, I have always prided myself on being world-class at everything that I do. I believe in meeting standards. However, I also believe in exceeding expectations and delivering excellence in everything that I do.

It is a passion of mine to be the best in my industry. I believe that this is a philosophy that we should all embrace in our lives and our work. Excellence is not just what we do but it has to become who we are. Many of my millennial friends seek me out for career advice and success strategies. One of the first things I always mention is developing an uncommon commitment to excellence. Everyone is always looking for strategies to increase their value in the marketplace. Understand that you distinguish yourself by delivering what no one else can. Find your uniqueness and unleash it in your industry.

1.Choose elevation over excuses

If you are reading this piece, it lets me know that you have an interest in going to the next level in your career. Notice I said an interest because it takes more than interest to improve your life. You have to be willing to make investments if you want to increase. Therefore, you have to choose elevation over excuses.

Many millennials complain about lack of advancement and opportunities. However, it is important to understand that mediocrity does not produce movement. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, you are the key to your own prosperity. Ultimately, your prosperity is a direct result of the value that you bring to the marketplace. Instead of making excuses develop the disciplines that will produce elevation in your life. Stop complaining about a lack of opportunity and create opportunities where you are. Action is one of the fastest tracks for advancement.

2.Develop a learning mindset

One of the things that has produced consistent results in my life is my thirst for knowledge. Honestly, after college, most people no longer have a desire to learn, grow or be stretched. We have lofty dreams and big goals but we stop growing. There is nothing more dangerous than a person that refuses to grow. In order to keep growing, you have to develop a learning mindset.

In other words, you must make the decision to be a lifelong learner. Every day you must challenge yourself to learn something new. Read new books, subscribe to new magazines and do research to stay on the cutting-edge in your industry. More importantly, take advantage of mentorship and training opportunities. Expertise will always give you an edge. It is how I built my brand and it has earned me respect all over the world. Many factors have contributed to my success. However, my commitment to learning has truly set me apart in my industry. Learning cannot be optional if you want to thrive.

3.Intentionally increase your productivity

Often times we think we should be rewarded simply because we get things done. The reality is that it is not just about getting things done. I am more concerned with how efficiently you get things done. How long does it take you to complete a task? Are you constantly requesting more time on projects? Do you take incessant breaks? Ultimately, your productivity is measured by how much you get done every single day. Managers pay attention to this.

Do you want to stand out in your workplace. I challenge you to develop uncommon work ethics. Do not just do the minimum to get by. Go above and beyond with every task that you are given. Mediocre work is not memorable. Bring your best to everything that you do. Your attention to detail will not go unnoticed. Invest in a small notebook and daily track your productivity. At the end of every day look back at how productive you were. Then when reviews and performance appraisals come you will have proof of what you have accomplished. Productivity makes you extremely valuable in the marketplace.

4.Become indispensable

I am an entrepreneur so my journey is a little different from the traditional route. However, when I did work in the finance industry I always looked for ways to make myself indispensable. In other words, I always sought opportunities to learn new things, increase my skill set and master as many aspects of my job as possible. In fact, I did this so well that my role started to expand well beyond my original job description. I brought so much value to the organization that I made it impossible for them to replace me.

I will say that I was part of an incredible team. However, I observed that not everybody was willing to move beyond what was acceptable into excellence. You will be called extreme when you decide to become a person of excellence. I was not okay just doing a good job. No, I decided to take it to the next level and do a great job. I was productive, exceeding expectations and all of my managers loved me. Don't get it twisted—I am not telling you some data that I pulled off the internet. I am giving you strategies I have used in my own life.

Indispensable simply means that you become irreplaceable to your organization. This is when you become an invaluable resource to your workplace. When you become a great resource you will receive great rewards. Increase your value and watch your career advance!