Like many entrepreneurs, my mind is constantly running at full speed, and everyday I’m filled with new ideas and projects that I want to explore.

One of the recent projects toggling back in forth in my mind was the idea of redesigning my company’s website, Mogul Millennial. Often times as an entrepreneur, it can be a challenge to decipher which idea out of the million flowing through your brain is the one that you should take time and energy on.

Deciding to pursue a website redesign was one that I knew was of utmost importance when looking at the short and long term goals of my company.

As tech and consumer behavior changes, I’ve always understood the importance of Mogul Millennial staying ahead in the race. As a technology company, especially as a BLACK technology company, it’s important that our web and mobile presence is always sharp and laser-focused on user experience.

Because of that reason and more (I’ll explain later), I knew that it was time for my company to receive a makeover on the front and backend of our site. However, planning for a website redesign has not been an easy task.

In fact, it was daunting, exciting, confusing, and exhilarating all at the same time. Nonetheless, during the process of Mogul Millennial’s website redesign, my team and I intentionally focused on keeping the user experience, function, and user needs in front of mind.

So what did this process look like for us?

For the Mogul Millennial team, there was alot of brainstorming sessions, Excel spreadsheet mania, and flowing cups of Yerbamate tea (and often wine).

Prior to starting on the website redesign, my CTO and I spent many days and nights analyzing data on our current user journey and experience, brainstorming on products and technologies that would be of value to our users, and looking at various softwares and systems.

Together as a team, we brainstormed on several beautiful ideas, and then built a product roadmap to organize each idea that came to mind. In the midst of every talk and whiteboard session, we wanted to be mindful of staying on track of our quarterly goals, long term goals, and most importantly on keeping our audience in mind.

For the software side of the website redesign, we knew that we wanted to explore a new content management system. It was crucial that the new site reflected our internal and external values as a company, and that it would further put us in a position to continually serve our audience at the highest level of excellence.

For our dedicated users, we also knew how important it was to continue to deliver the best resources for you all on your ‘Mogul Millennial’ journey. During this website redesign process, we have been heavily dedicated on curating fresh content and building out valuable resources.

Our new look will be released soon, and I cannot wait to share her with you. In the meantime, check out our current site and get inspired by all of our current, amazing content and resources.

The new Mogul Millennial is coming soon; click here to be the first to know when she’s live.