Marketing is such a vague term in this day and age. Like seriously, what does a marketer even do? Between Facebook advertisements, email campaigns, community development and networking the basics of marketing tend to get lost in the hustle. Here are 4 pillars of marketing to keep you focused on your goals and put some strategy behind the hustle.



What do we say to our audience through which tools?

This pillar focuses on simply sharing information about your business. Think about your “why?” and how your product or service can benefit someone else’s life. Share your company goals and mission with the world. These aspects separate you from other companies. Consider different ways to reach your audience.

Is your audience on LinkedIn? Share prominent industry news on your profile and relate it to your organization’s product. You are sharing insight and building a brand voice.


Who are we? What makes us unique?

These internal questions require some creativity. Let your logos, colors, and fonts shine bright. Branding is your first impression to your target group. This is where consistent use of social media comes into play. What do you want your audience to see and feel when they click on your Instagram Feed? The same thing goes for websites. You have 10-20 seconds to convince a customer that your company can solve their problems (according to the Nielson Norman Group).

What makes your organization unique? Is it the collaborative workplace culture, the talent on your team, or the open-line relationship with clients. These are all important differentiators and messages that should be received on your social pages and website.


Where can we better reach our audience?

Now is the time to spend those coins, strategically of course. No formula exists for the perfect social media targeting because every company and industry is different. Depending on if you’re a B2B or B2C company, where your audience is, and what your overall goals are, you should be able to choose 2-3 social platforms to dedicate your time and money.

Don’t be afraid to think beyond the perimeters of Mark Zuckerburg’s empire. Your audience might listen to podcasts like over 60 million households across America. Throw some ad dollars that way. Is your audience subscribed to newsletters? Depending on the size of the podcast or newsletter, an ad can cost anywhere between $15-$200. Consider multiple options.


How do we get them to buy?

If you’ve implemented the other pillars, congratulations. You are almost there. Let’s drive it home. Go into detail about how your product or service will make someone’s life easier or affect the bottom line of an organization. You should be able to answer why your product or service is worth the price. Throw in some incentives like a discount or free sample. What are past customers saying? Nothing is more valuable than word of mouth, it’s the best sales tactic.

Now that we are all refreshed and have our creative juices flowing, I challenge you to talk to your business partner or team to think of different ways to reach your audience.

 “In reality strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.” -Jack Welch