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When it comes to the corporate workspace, it’s no secret that Black people are making a huge difference in their industries. Whether they work within tech, communications, public relations, or finance, Black corporate leaders are creating their own paths, reaching new heights, and inspiring others around them.

In this article, we chatted with two women who are making moves in corporate and business space, and discuss their biggest lessons learned in their careers so far.  

Tanzania Rice

Tanzania "Nia" Rice, Founder of Serene Agency

Nia is the founder of Serene Agency, specializing in publicity, brand management, and content social media management. After having a successful career in New York working with A-list celebrities and Fortune 500 companies, Serene Agency kicked off. For the past 8 years, Nia has told stories for musicians, cultural leaders, entrepreneurs, and more. She's was listed in Huffington Post as the Nation's top 25 Rising Publicists, and on Medium as the "Rising Branding Expert."

What is the most important lesson(s) you’ve learned in your career so far?

"I’ve learned within my company that nothing is more powerful than your team, and who you keep around. Your company is just a reflection of who you keep in your circle," Nia said.

After starting Serene in 2015/2016, Nia and her original partner went through a split after learning that their passions were not the same. They both understood that if this company was going to go to new heights, the core of the team had to be equally dedicated in order to be the most effective.

"I also learned to take chances and go after all opportunities."

"[Personally], I learned that everything is under my control; it’s all about the mind state. You have to know how to tackle different issues. For example, when I’m working with brands, I tell them that even though I’m your brand manager, your brand is still under your control. Tell me what you want," Nia told Mogul Millennial.

What Black leader has been influential in your journey thus far?

"One of them is Regina King - she takes control of her creativity and offers positions to other women. Another leader I encountered was during an internship opportunity in D.C. with a woman named Priscilla Clark. She reminded me that you are never an expert at anything until you’ve gained 10+ years of experience. She taught me the concept of face down, work hard," Nia said.

Danielle Clark

Danielle Clark, Global Field Sales Manager

Danielle works within the tech industry as a Global Field Sales Manager, working mainly within brand advocacy and sales. After receiving her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from California State University, Fullerton, Danielle began her professional career with PepsiCo as a Territory Sales Manager. Since then, she has held sales and marketing positions with companies such as Nestle, Nespresso, and has now transitioned into the tech space. In her different roles, she has also been responsible for developing an inclusive culture to ensure high-performing leaders on her team.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

"I’ve learned the power in understanding how to enter into new spaces.  Displaying a balance of eagerness to learn, creative drive, and strategic contribution has served me well. Taking the time to observe and learn when to insert, speak up, challenge, etc. The loudest person in the room is not always the most effective or strongest contributor. If you’re going to speak, be sure to have something to say. People are more receptive," Danielle shared.

How has your impact in your industry expanded as you’ve navigated through your career?

"The ability to influence others is key and necessary. In each role, I’ve learned how to effectively influence up, down, with peers, among internal & external stakeholders. Being able to clearly convey a message, present ideas with impact, and engage my audience (regardless of size and level) is something I've learned, exercised, and sharpened in each role I’ve held," Danielle told us.

Both Danielle and Tanzania are making their marks and setting the tone for the careers they want by learning, growing, and evolving along the way, and becoming the best version of themselves. There is so much we can learn from both of them!