Hindsight really is key. 

Below are a few game changers from entrepreneurs, nine-to-fivers and me, your favorite personal recruiter and career coach. Enjoy.

I worked both in corporate America and corporate Asia. During my time pushing papers and typing away I learned one key that completely changed my work life for the better. And that was realizing that I couldn’t trust the critic in my head.

I stopped worrying if my manager didn’t reply to my email right away that she hated me and was secretly plotting my dismissal; or that my coworkers put up with me vs actually enjoying my company.

I learned the actions of my colleagues rarely had anything to do with me, so staying up late replaying work conversations or worrying about something I said or did during my bathroom breaks was a complete waste of time at best and at worst a huge sabotage to creating a stable network I could fall back on throughout my career.

So if I had an opportunity to chat with the younger me, I’d tell her to:

Never assume the worst but instead assume the best from a situation, from others or even something that was said. Always remember to not take the actions of others personally in business or in life.

More advice you should consider:

Christina Fowler, bystinafaye.com, brand coach & creative director

Here’s my advice I wish I’d embraced at the beginning of my career: You’re allowed to play life by your own rules. You don’t have to follow the status quo or feel restrained by societal norms. Your career path will become clearer the moment that you embrace that you have the power to create the life you want to live and do what you love. It’s that simple.

Shamel Crew, owner & operator, NEXX LEVEL TRANSPORT LLC. 

Never doubt yourself. Always believe in yourself never settle.

Ngozi Okoro, senior user experience researcher 

Quote: “Remember that the future life you’re planning for is not about one thing. It is not only about a job, not only about a salary, not only about a passion project, not only about family, not only about a relationship. It will be a balance of multiple things. So as part of the journey embrace discovering the balance that supports your happiness.

This will allow you to bring your best self to your work and life.”

Jeffrey Aimé, managing partner, Infiniti Homes

Never be afraid of taking a chance on yourself, if you have a dream you must give that dream everything you have. The only time we fail is when we quit, so if we never quit we will never fail.

Lizz Nicholls, Lizzneptune, filmmaker, photographer, artist

Save your money! It takes spending money to make money.

Danielle March, registered respiratory therapist

This is your life when choosing a career, do something that you’ll love and will make you happy, so when life gets hard your job/career won’t become a burden.

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