More than one third (about 36 percent) of all workers in the United States freelance. Thirty-six percent translates to over 57 million people. In the top 15% of the over 57 million people who freelance is Natasha Carter.

Natasha Carter currently serves as the Principal Consultant of Carter-Beachem Communications and the co-founder of HBCU Podcast. Carter-Beachem Communications is focused on utilizing expert industry experience to achieve success for companies and organizations large and small. HBCU Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing Historically Black Colleges and Universities as well as spotlighting its alumni through news, colorful commentary, and interviews.

While working with Carter-Beachem Communications and HBCU Podcast, Natasha has also managed to serve as the Director of Communications for Paine College, Community Coordinator for Yelp, Marketing Manager for RE Carroll Property Management, and serve two terms (six years) as the International Alumni Association President for Claflin University. 

In a recent conversation with Natasha Carter, we learned how she finds balance while working remotely when it’s easy to get off track or overwhelmed. 

Mogul Millennial: You are the co-founder to HBCUPodcast and Principal Consultant of Carter-Beachem Communications, How do you balance it all? How do you find balance? 

Natasha Carter: Day by Day. I am very organized. I compartmentalize everything in my home, in my work, and in my life. I’m the type of person if I were to send you to my home to pick up something. I would be able to tell you exactly where to find it. I try to stay organized. 

Mogul Millennial: How do you manage your busy schedule? 

Natasha Carter: I am not good with paper. Planners do not work for me. Technology is key and automation. I send scheduling links. Same thing with all my appointments. Everything falls into my calendar and I carve out my time effectively through the day and throughout the week. The top of the week is when I edit The HBCU Podcast. Normally, most people think it’s weird to schedule meetings on Wednesday but I schedule most of my client meetings on Wednesday. By Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I am rolling. I have everything scheduled and I am getting things done. Monday and Tuesdays are reserved for me to get my work life together. 

Mogul Millennial: Do you ever get overwhelmed? What happens when you get overwhelmed and how do you get back on track? 

Natasha Carter: Yes I get overwhelmed. Hmm. Overwhelmed. When I get overwhelmed. I take a step back. I like to be organized. You have to really check out details especially with Marketing you have to step away from whatever I am doing whether that is what you are doing for the whole week or what you are doing today. I run. When I run changes based on when I feel overwhelmed. Whether that means I run at 10 a.m. or  4 p.m. I clear my head by running or exercising. It is a mindless activity for me where I do not think about work. I started running when I was training for my first 5k. On average I run about three miles. During the day, I work out of a co-work space. If I don’t have access or the time to run, I take a brief walk or take a break to gather myself. 

Mogul Millennial: What are three tips you would give Black professionals to stay on track? 

Natasha Carter: 

  1. Organization. No matter how overwhelmed I am, I keep a to-do list or a checklist. Sometimes you just need to organize all aspects of life. Luckily, I’m single so everything is work. Whether you have a family or spouse, organize. Compartmentalize and visualize what needs to be done. Once you do that, get it done. 
  2. Time out. Take a time out. Whatever your time out looks like. Take it. Whether that is a manicure, pedicure, watching a tv episode, listening to a podcast. Take that time out to get realigned. 
  3. Make a priority list. Sometimes people think doing everything at once is cool. Make a to-do list and decide if you really need to be doing all of these things at one time. Somethings can wait until next quarter or next week. Pull together everything you are working on, whether it be work or family things and prioritize. Prioritize by figuring out what is most important to you.

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