Being Black in the workplace is already stressful, but during this time of inequality and racial injustice, shit has gotten worse.

No matter where you're located, you've been impacted by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and more (sadly it's too many to list). During this time of heartache, exhaustion, and anger, you want to feel like you're supported and valued at work, but when your company completely falls silent to the ongoing racial issues that's going on in the world, what do you do?

Recently, I ran across a series of IG stories where one user simply asked her followers: Has your company acknowledged what's going on in the world right now?

Here are a few of the unfortunate answers she received from her followers:

As sad as it looks - this is our reality.

If you're currently at a company that has completely gone ghost during this time, here are some things you can do:

Call them out

If your company hasn't said anything to its employees or consumers during this time, call them out. Reach out to your boss, or someone on the leadership team expressing your concern. Don't be intimidated to hold them accountable. I recommend approaching this by writing out your thoughts and concerns before you send that email or hop on a call. With all things, approach the situation with facts and strategy and not solely on emotion.

Speak up anyway

In the event your company ignores or rejects your request for them to speak out on the injustices, be vocal anyway. If there's anyone on the team that could use some support and a listening ear, reach out to them so that you can be there for each other. Spearhead an internal support group with your team members.

Do your part without them

Just because your company isn't doing their part doesn't mean you can't do yours. Whether you're an "on the scene" type of person or behind the scene, use your God-given talents and skills to make a difference. Financially and physically support organizations and individuals that are doing the hard work to make a difference. You can be the change without the support of your company.

Consider joining a new company whose values align

Times like this bring out the best in people and the ugly in them too. If during this time your company is showing their true colors, it may be the time to peace out. Start that job search now, or put in your notice if you've been stacking your bread. By all means, consider joining a new company whose values align and that'll genuinely support you and your community.

How have you been dealing with being Black at work? Drop a comment and let us know.